Anatomy and Energetics

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Anatomical Terms of Direction

Question Answer
T/F knee is proximal to the elbowFalse
Dorsal meanson the surface pointed away from the ground
Where is the medial malleolus locatedon the hind leg, inside
Posterior meansin back of
Distal means Further from the body/trunk
Proximal meansNearer to the body/trunk
T/F the ribs are cranial to the tailTrue
Bl15 is ____ to CV17Dorsal
Superficial meanscloser to the surface of the skin
Another name for the carpus isWrist
Highest part of a dog behind his head is the withers
The ribs that do not connect with the stenum or preceding rib are the Floating ribs
The juction between the nose & cranium is the Glabella or Stop
The summit of the calcaneus is called Point of the Hock
Another name for the Hock is Tarsus or Ankle
Intercostal meansspace between the ribs
The Greater tubercle of the humerus is also calledthe point of the shoulder
the sacral tuberosity of the Illium is called the pt of the croup
The highest point on the croup is calledthe pt of the croup
the coxal tuberosity of the illium is calledthe pt of the haunch
The area betw the thorax & pelvis is called the loin

Major joints & Anatomical Landmarks

Question Answer
The sacrum is made of ___ ___vertebrae3 fused
Where is the head of a long bone?joint surface at the proximal end of a long bone often spherical
Name the 1 movable bone of the skullMandible
A hole in a bone is called a Foramen
The 11th vertebra is nearly vertical and called Anticlinal
A large rounded joint surface is often called a Condyle
The number bones in a dog is about320
The primary weight bearing bone is the foreleg is theRadius
____ is second only to ____ as hardest substance in the bodyBone , tooth enamel
The main function of the sesamoid bone is to protect tendons at the point of most friction
GB20 and Bl10 are located near what jointatlantoaxial joint
The scapulo-humeral joint is an example of a _____ ____ball and socket joint
___ and ___ are terms that refer to jointsarthro and articular
Decreasing the angle between 2 joints is known asFlexion
The ____ joints allow some flexibility of the spinal columnintervertebral joints
____ joints are where the rib bone and cartilage meetcostochondral
Limited, rocking-lke motion describes a ____ jointcartilaginous
Define a Condyleusually a large rounded joint surface at the Distal end of a joint.
Process is a generic terms for ___bumps, depressions, or lumps on the bones surface.
A Fossa is an ____indentation
What are the 3 classifications of joints Fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial
Name an area with Fibrous jointssutures of the skull
What is the main function of the sesamoid bonesto protect tendons in areas of greatest friction

Major Ligaments

Question Answer
_____ ligaments are found on either side of a jointCollateral
Ligaments of the neck includesupraspinous and nuchal
_____ ligaments prevent the lateral displacement of the patellaCollateral
Femur is connected to the tibial by collateral and ___ ligamentsfemoropatellar
Stomach 35 is located in the area of the patella
Pelvic girdle is attached to the skeleton at the sacrum by theSacroiliac ligaments
Ligaments on either side of the pelvis are thesacrotuberous ligaments
The fibrous band/sheet/cord that connect 2 bone called aligaments
the Lateral & medial cruciate ligaments criss-cross ea. other in the point betweenthe femur & tibia
the ____ ____ is well developed and supports a dogs wristflexor retinaculum

Major muscles & tendons

Question Answer
the large muscle the propels a dog forward & is part of the Achilles tendon is theGastrocnemius
Where is the popliteus musclebehind the stifle/knee
The ____ muscle runs from the rump to the stiflesemimembranosus
the sternocephalic and masseter are located on the head and neckFalse
The digging / swimming muscles are thelatissimus dorsi
_____ connect muscles to bonetendons
Muscles below the shoulder blade are calledsubscapularis
The function of the Deltoid muscles areto flex the shoulder and lift the humerus
the ____ part of the trapezius draws the limb forward toward the headcervical
Muscle names contain information like Subscapularis is locate ?Below the scapula

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