Anatomy 2 - Ruminant + Pig Abdomen 2

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Question Answer
were is the abomasal impression on the liver?bottom of left lobe (visceral surface)
where is the omasal impression on the liver?upper left lobe (toward middle of liver) (visceral surface)
where is the duodenial impression on the liver?on the right lobe (visceral surface)
where is the reticular impression on the liver?on the caudate lobe
what makes the liver rotate?growing rumen
species differences of caudate process of the caudate lobe?ox= rectangular and projects beyond right border of liver. sheep= triangular and non projecting (once again...sheep and trifecta)
porcine liver can be described as....?well LOBATED
porcine's liver's parietal and visceral surfaces contact what?parietal = diaphragm. visceral = stomach
what animal's liver has no contact with the kidney?pig
where is the renal impression on the liver?caudate process of caudate lobe (CAUght the kidney)
lobation vs lobulation?lobation = lobes and lobulation = lobules. Lobes > lobules.
path of the falciform ligament?runs over diaphragmatic surface of liver, through notch for round ligament, to diaphragm to attach.
what forms the common bile duct? ( ductus choledochus?)common hepatic duct + cystic duct (common hepatic--- hepatic wanted to start with C also)
what does the common bile duct open into?major duodenal papillae
species differences in distance of major duodenal papillae from pyloris?bovine= 50-70mm [sheep= 30-40mm (along with major pancreatic duct)]
sections of the pancreas?left, body, right lobes
pancreas in ruminants?small body, long right lobe, left lobe is broad (the righteous cow right path is long-- the wrong (left) is full of "broads")
pancreatic ducts in ox/pig?accessory pancreatic duct (main duct) opens into MINOR duodenal papillae (ox and pig dont care if it's sweet--just eat it. therefore sweetness is just a minor accessory)
pancreatic ducts in sheep/goat?major pancreatic duct opens into MAJOR duodenal papillae (pancreas is sweet-- MAJOR big deal in heaven and hell)
description of ox spleen?flattened, spatulate/tongue shaped, visceral surface attaches closely to RUMEN (so phrenicosplenic and gastrosplenic ligaments are vestigial) [ox is all about the tongue...right down to the spleen)
spleen of sheep/goat?flattened, rectangular/ triangular in shape (sheeps and goats, heaven and hell, trifecta and blood (spleen) )
spleen of pig?long and narrow, attached vertically to greater curvature of stomach **mostly in thoracic cage (only long and narrow part of a pig, haha)
what species have a red-brown spleen? blue-grey?redbrown is bull/sheep and bluegrey is the cow.
Look at the kidney diagram pictureyou know that shits coming back
what kind of kidney does a small ruminant have?bean shaped, has a renal crest, no external lobulation
where is the location of the left kidney? the right?left is L3-L5, right is T13-L3
how would you describe the ox kidney externally? what does it lack?lobated externally-- 18-20 lobes. NO RENAL CREST or RENAL PELVIS
which bovine kidney is unique, and how?left is slightly twisted and displaced to the right by the rumen
describe the internal bovine kidney flowlobes have pyramids, which have a renal papillae, which are drained by minor renal calices, which are drained my major calyces (CR and CA collecting ducts) which join to form the ureter
how is lobation indicated on the kidney of the pig/dog/sheep?via the interlobar vessels internally, otherwise no external evidence
what animal has kidneys at the same level? where are they?PIG! T13-L4 ...Rt kidney has no contact with liver (NO RENAL IMPRESSION)
drainage system of the kidney of the pig?10 minor calyces drain 10 medullary pyramids (which are fused at the base). 2 major calyces (cr and ca) drain to renal pelvis.
what are the cranial poles of the pig kidney associated with?left and right lobes of pancreas, respectively.
the cr mesenteric artery CAN be aka? why?usually arises from aorta independently, if arise from common trunk with celiac a, then called celiacomesenteric trunk
what does the cr mesenteric run along?the jejunum, it branches into jejunal arterys, which anastomose.
what artery supplies the illeum, cecum, and ascending colon?ileocolic
divisions on ca mesenteric artery?left colic (descending colon), cranial rectal


Question Answer
what does the ventral vagal trunk supply?parietal surface of reticulum, omasum, and abomasum
where do the dorsal and ventral vagal trunks end?both course over lesser curvature of abomasum and end at pylorus
what are the 4 lymphocenters of the abdomen?lumbar, celiac, cranial mesenteric, caudal mesenteric
what is in the lumbar lymphocenter?lumbar aortic ln
what is in the *celiac lymphocenter?lienal/splenic lnn (craniodorsal border of spleen *routine meat inspection), hepatic lnn (at hepatic hilus. *meat inspection)
what is in the **cranial mesenteric lymphocenter?jejunal lnn- routinely examined at meat inspections**
where are jejunal lnn in bovine?prominant chain alongside mesenteric surface of jejunal coils (between last centrifugal coil of colon and jejunum)
where are the jejunal lnn in sheep?chain of nodes between last centrifugal and first centripidal coils of colon
where are the jejunal lnn in pig?middle of the mesentery (near root, by center of spiral colon)
where are the caudal mesenteric lnn?run along branches of caudal mesenteric a within the mesocolon. meat inspection.