Anatomy 2 - Ruminant Pelvis 2

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Question Answer
sow uterine horn- how long? shape? internal surface described?LONGEST uterine horn (up to 60cm), flexuous (loose coils) and a SMOOTH internal surface
special structures of cow uterine endometrium? (shape, arrangement, amount?)raised, convex, round UTERINE CARUNCLES. 4 rows of 10-12 = 40-48 PER HORN. FIXED # of these
purpose of caruncles? join with what to form what?fetal COTYLEDONS attach to CARUNCLES to for PLACENTOMES (mini placentas)
clinical note about caruncles?dont pull out baby too hard, if you tear out too many caruncles fetus cant attach and cow becomes infertile.
what is the uterine body like in rumi and sow?single and small
describe cow mucosa of cervix uteri?3-4 prominent CIRCULAR FOLDS (plicae circulares) plus smaller longitudinal folds.
what is the portio vaginalis? what does it form?the CAUDAL circular fold of the cervix forms the P.V. (mound like) which projects into vagina..produces a RECESSES. a dorsal (DEEPER) and ventral VAGINAL FORNICES
how many intercornuate ligaments does a sheep have?1 (cornuate= horn= of uterus)
describe caruncles of sheep/goat?conCAVE and PIGMENTED in non-gravid uterus (not pigmented in goat-no lipstick for the devil).
describe sheep/goat cervical mucosa? clinical relevance?6 circular folds-- but portio vaginalis "embeds" in vaginal floor which leads to difficult passage of instruments into and through cervix. (stubborn as a goat cervix...goats 666= 6 folds)
describe cervix of sow? structures in it?LONGEST cervix (15-20cm). internally has LONGITUDINAL FOLDS and MUCOSAL PROMINENCES (pulvini cervicales) which interlock. No fornices. (Greedy pig took ALL the cervix-- then pulverized it)
what does sow cervix lack and why?NO FORNIX because cervical wall thins out and merges smoothly with walls of uterus cranially, and vaginal caudally.
describe suspensory ligament in cow? sm rumis?cow= completely involutes. sm.rumis= vestigal portions remain
where is the ovarian bursa located?ovary is medial to uterine tube, and the bursa is between these
describe the broad ligament (ligamentum latum uteri) in the COW. clinical sig.?EXPANSIVE. the uterus rests DORSALLY on the broad ligament which predisposes the gravid uterus to TORSION
describe round ligament in the dog? mare? ruminants? sow?dog= well devoloped. mare= rudimentary. rumi+sow= ABSENT
length and location of vagina in the cow?long. intraperitoneal craniodorsally. caudal portion is retroperitoneal.
suburethral diverticulum in cow? sm rumi? pig?large in cow. small in others.
what might be cystic in the vagina, and where is it?remnants of mesonephric ducts lie craniolateral to suburethral diverticulum
where are the minor vestibular glands? for ewe? cow? goat?2 rows on either side of ventral midline. MAYBE ABSENT in ewe, more CAUDAL in cow. always absent in goat. (no pleasure for the devil- maybe for her cousin. of Course for the Cow, Caudally)
what animal lacks all vestibular glands?goat (no pleasure for the devil)
which animals have major vestibular glands? another name for these glands?Bartholin's glands... in the cow. sometimes in the ewe.
where are major vestibular glands? describe what theyre like? ducts opens where?compact and lobulated, lies in fascia cranial to vestibular constrictor. duct opens into vestibule on LATERAL wall (caudolateral to external urethral opening)
length of vestibule in sow? what is associated with the external urethral opening?long. ext.urethral opening associated with a SMALL suburethral (paraurethral) diverticulum (like cow but smaller)
describe commissures of vulva?Rounded dorsal, pointed ventral
visible part of clitoris is?glans clitoridis (roots and body concealed)
in cow, body of clitoris is..?long and undulating (wave like)
what is the clitorial fossa like in the cow? sow?cow= shallow, sow= shallow or absent
in relation to the clitoris, what does the ventral commissure of the labia form?the ventrolateral wall of the fossa clitoridis

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