Anatomy 1 - Clinical Anatomy

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SH Type 1Fracture involving just the physis
SH Type 2Fracture through the physis and metaphysis
SH Type 3Fracture through the physis and epiphysis (articular)
SH Type 4Fractue through the joint and across the physis
SH Type 5Compression fracture of the physis

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Failure of the anconeal process to fuse with the ulna by 6 months of age is calledUnunited anconeal process
Fragmented medial coronoid process can cause?improper development leading to arthritis of the elbow
What structure most be removed when declawing to prevent regrowth Ungual crest
How long do fractures usually take to heal in old and young animals?young: 4-6 weeks, old 8 weeks
Describe a spiral fractureBones twisted apart
What is the difference between and simple(closed) and a compound(open) fractureDont and do break the skin respectively
Describe a depressed fractureBone of skull pushed inward
What is the separation of a small fragment of bone where a ligament or tendon attaches calledAvulsion Fracture
Describe a chip fracturesmall piece of bone chipped off the bone
What is it called when a flat piece of bone is separated Slab fracture
Describe a comminuted fractureSplintered into many fragments
Describe an impacted fracture the broken ends of the bone are driven into each other
What is formed when a bone starts healingcallus
What is the clinical term for inflammation or infection of a boneOsteomyelitis
What is the word Sequestrum used fora piece of dead bone separated from the rest of the bone, must be removed to heal
An Osteosarcoma is a what?the #1 bone tumor in small animals... dead animal

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Inflammation of the tendon without involvement of the tendon sheath is called?tendonitis
Tendosynovitis is ?inflammation of a tendon sheath
Why do tendons heal slowlylimited blood supply