Anatomical regions

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Question Answer
Anterior ViewFront view
Posterior ViewBack view
Frontal RegionForehead area
Nasal RegionNose area
Ocular RegionEye area
Oral RegionMouth area
Cephalic RegionHead area
Buccal RegionCheek area
Thoracic RegionChest area
Cervical RegionNeck area
Axillary RegionArmpit area
Brachial RegionArm area
Abdominal RegionStomach area
Antecubital RegionInside of Elbow area
Carpal RegionWrist area
Manual RegionHand area
Umbilical RegionNavel area
Pelvic RegionPelvis area
Inguinal RegionGrion area
Pubic RegionPubic area
Femoral RegionThigh area
Patellar RegionKneecap area
Crural RegionLeg area
Tarsal RegionAnkle Area
Digital RegionFingers/Toes
Acromial RegionShoulder area
Lumbar RegionLoin / Lower Back area
Gluteal RegionButtocks
Popliteal RegionBack of the knee area
Plantar RegionBall of foot area
Superior PositionAbove, towards the top
Inferior PositionBelow, towards the bottom
Anterior PositionFront/Ventral Position (Belly)
Posterior PositionBack/Dorsal Position (Back)
Lateral PositionClose to sides
Medial PositionClose to midline of body
Proximal Position(Region of Limb) closer to point of attachment (to body) (than another region on the limb)
Distal Position(Region of Limb) further to point of attachment (to body) (than another region on the limb)
Cranial PositionTowards the head (From tailbone up only)
Caudal PositionTowards the tailbone
Superficial Position On the surface
Deep PositionBelow the surface