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And so it begins...
Question Answer
The ____ fossa articulates with the head of the femur.acetabulum
The big hole in your hip bone is the ___ foramen.obturator
Hip joint - it's ball & socket, multiaxial, and a ____ joint. synovial
T/F - Multiaxial, flexion-extension, adduction-abduction, rotation and circumduction all describe hip movements.T
Name 3 bones in the knee joint.Femur, patella, tibia
If I said the fibula is part of your knee joint, I'd be telling a ___.fib
The tibia is ___ (medial, lateral)medial (Tibetan Monks)
The fibula is ____ (medial, lateral)lateral (shifty fibbing eyes moving in all lateral directions)
Superior tibiofibular joint - all KINDS of movement - yes or no?no (very limited movement)
How many cuniform bones you got in yo foot?3
Name all tarsal bones. (CalTal CubCunNav)calceneum, talus, cuboid, cuniform, navicular
How many tarsal bones? How many carpal bones? 7, 8
Inversion vs eversion - rotating the sole of your foot medial.inversion
Inversion vs eversion - rotating the sole of your foot lateral.eversion
Foot joint that controls inversion and eversion.subtalar joint
___flexion and ___flexion describe the ankle joint.dorsiflexion, plantarflexion (uniaxial)
Ankle joint - the ___ and ___ articulate with the ____.tibia, fibula, talus
The talocalcaneonavicular joint does ___ and ____.eversion and inversion


Let's get Grafty!
Question Answer
I need to bone graft. What's a good donor site?iliac crest (I could put my mandible back together!)
What's so great about iliac crest as bone graft donor?lots of absolute cancellous bone volume
T/F - Great absolute cancellous bone volume helps grafted iliac crest bone to rapidly revascularize with lots of osteoblast proliferation and with the highest cancellous to cortical bone ratio.T
WATCH OUT, you're a dentist slicing out that iliac crest bone to put in your patient's mandible. What nerves might you hit?NONE BECAUSE THAT'S NOT A FUCKING DENTAL TASK (cluneal)
A good source of autogenous bone.tibial bone graft
T/F - Tibial region heals well with low incidence of complications.T
Your patient is 10 years old. Should you do tibial bone graft?NO THEY STILL GROWING
LANDMARK - iliac crest bone graft?spine/crest
LANDMARK - tibial bone graft?tibial tuberosity/tubercle
Varun has a peripheral vascular disease (diabetes). Will he heal awesome after tibial bone graft?no (even the dark lord cannot defeat diabetes - pronounced dia-beet-hisssss)
Ideal bone donor for LARGE bony fibular flap
Free fibular flap - provides up to ___ cm of vascularized cortical bone.25cm
Free fibular flap - fibula should be dissected out with...its own vessels (branches of peroneal artery)
What's a major limitation to free fibular flap?peripheral vascular diseases (pooooor Varun with his dia-beet-us)
Ankle/brachial index is about...blood flow (dorsalis medial + medial artery pulsation ------ free fibular flap)
Ankle/brachial index - less than ___ is BAD.0.9
Free fibular flap - do lots of muscles attach? Is there good vascularization?no, yes


Nerve shit
Question Answer
Superior cluneal nervedorsal rami L1-L3
Middle cluneal nervedorsal rami S1-S3
Inferior cluneal nerveanterior rami S2-S3
Upper and lateral BUTTsuperior cluneal nerve
Middle BUTTmiddle cluneal nerve
Inferior BUTTinferior cluneal nerve (hehehe butt.)
Cutaneous nerve supply of the BUTTsup, mid, inf cluneal nerves
Name femoral things from lateral to medial.femoral NERVE, femoral ARTERY, femoral VEIN
Name 2 terminal branches of the sciatic nerve.common peroneal (fibular) nerve and tibial nerve
Femoral nerve supplies...quadriceps, sartorius, pectineus
Which nerve supplies the medial group (adductors)?obturator nerve


Thunder thighs!
Question Answer
What divides thigh into 3 muscle groups - anterior, medial, posterior.deep fascia and intermuscular septa (lateral and posterior I.M. septa)
The ___ I.M septum and the ___ I.M. septum divide the thigh muscle groups up.lateral and posterior intermuscular septa


Anterior and Medial Muscles
Question Answer
When Cassie's complains about her hip flexors hurting, what's the main muscle involved?iliopsoas (other hip flexors include rectus femoris and sartorius)
Psoas major + iliacus muscle = _________ muscleiliopsoas
What does iliopsoas pass behind?inguinal ligament
Name 1 long ass muscle.sartorius (ASiS to tibia)
Cassie took up sowing. What muscle gonna get worked?sartorius (pumps sowing machine pedal - or more relevant - handpiece pedal)
Does the rectus femoris muscle have style?no, he's straight
Quadriceps tendon - attaches to ____.patella
_________ _________ - attachment sites for muscles at the knee.ligamentum patella
Main extensor of knee.quadriceps
The femoral triangle is important for...surgeries
What muscle lies under the rectus femoris?vastus intermedius (rectus and vastus together forever)
Flexes the knee, medially rotates thigh.sartorius
From ASIS to tibia.sartorius
Rectus femoris + vastus lateralis + vastus medialis + vastus intermedius = ______quadriceps
Femoral nerve supplies...quadriceps, sartorius, pectineus
Does the femoral nerve supply iliopsoas?idk
Anterior group ____ nerve - Medial is _________ nerve - Posterior is _________ nerve.femoral nerve, obturator nerve, sciatic nerve


Medial group (adductors of thigh)
Question Answer
Used to reconstruct rectal sphincter.gracilis (what a graceful claim to fame)
What goes through adductor opening?femoral artery
Which way does the femoral artery go through the adductor opening?front to back
Medial group (adductors) supplied by _________ nerve.obturator nerve


Question Answer
Adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor minimus.medial
Obturator externusmedial
Psoas majoranterior
Rectus femorisanterior
Vastus medialisanterior
Vastus intermediusanterior
Vastus lateralisanterior
Supplied by femoral nerveanterior
Supplied by obturator nervemedial
Supplied by sciatic nerve/tibial nerveposterior
Flexes thigh on hipanterior
Extends leg on kneeanterior
Adducts thighmedial
Extends thighposterior
Flexes kneeposterior


Femoral Triangle
Question Answer
Femoral - the lateral is ____, ___ is middle, and the ___ is medial.nerve, artery, vein
The external iliac vessels and nodes are behind ...the inguinal ligament
The external iliac vessels becomes the ___ artery.femoral artery
Femoral nerve, femoral artery, femoral vein, femoral ____.canal
James is running. Why is it good that his femoral canal is medial to the femoral vein?vein distends during exercise - has space
Who gets femoral hernias more often - men or women?women (wider pelvis - relatively smaller femoral vein)
From the foot to the thigh.GREAT SAPHENUS VEIN
What nodes get tender in leg infection?inguinal lymph nodes
T/F - masses in femoral triangle - 1) femoral hernia 2) deep vein thrombosis 3) aneurysm 4) neuroma 5) lymph node 6) psoas abscessT
What disease is a psoas abscess associated with?tuberculosis
Name contents of Femoral Triangle.femoral nerve, artery, vein - femoral canal - deep inguinal lymph nodes
What shape are inguinal lymph nodes?T-shaped
Inguinal lymph nodes from urogenital and anal canal go...horizontal
Inguinal lymph nodes from leg and foot go...vertical
Protrusion of abdominal viscus (loop of intestine) through femoral canal into the thigh.femoral hernia


Gluteal Region and Back of Thigh (POSTERIOR GROUP)
Question Answer
BIGGESTgluteus maximus
Major hip extensorgluteus maximus
Gluteus medius is a hip ____.abductor (balances the adductors)
Where is gluteus minimus?under the gluteus medius
Do aliens abduct or adduct you?abduct (that's why going away from body is abduct)
Name 3 muscles on the back of the thigh.semitendinosus, semimembranous, biceps femoris
Semitendinosus, semimembranous, biceps femoris - _____ to thigh, _____ to leg.extensors, flexors
Back thigh muscles - superficial and longsemitendinosus
Back thigh muscles - deeper and widesemimembranous
Back thigh muscles - lateral to hipbiceps femoris
Semitendinosus + semimembranous + biceps femoris = ________hamstrings
____ fossa is behind the knee.popliteal
Name contents of Popliteal Fossa.Popliteal artery and vein, tibial nerve, common peroneal (fibular) nerve, lymph nodes
The tibial nerve and common peroneal (fibular) nerve are terminal branches of the _________ nerve.sciatic
Name the muscles that border the Popliteal Fossa.1. biceps femoris 2. semitendinosus and semimembranous 3. lateral head of gastrocnemius 4. medial head of gastrocnemius
________ THE THIGH. ______ THE KNEE.Extend the thigh, flex the knee
Muscles behind hip ____ hip, in front of hip ___ hip. Muscles behind knee ___ knee, in front ___ knee.extend, flex, flex, extend


More Nerve Shit
Question Answer
Shakira's ______ nerve don't lie, and I'm starting to feel you boy.iliohypogastric nerve
What's the most common for nerve grafting?sural nerve (back of leg, above ankle, center) ALSO Great auricular nerve
You obliterated your patient's inferior alveolar nerve. NO PROBLEM, just slice open back of leg and nerve graft the...sural nerve (sure... okay) or medial front leg for saphenus
Name 3 main terminal branches of Lumbar Plexus.lateral cutaneous nerve, femoral nerve, obturator nerve
The Lumbar plexus is _________-_________. But mainly _________-_________.L1-L4, L2-L4 (formed in abdomen)
Supplies lateral thigh skinlateral cutaneous nerve
Lateral cutaneous nerve - Lumbar plexus _________-_________L2-L3
Femoral nerve - Lumbar plexus _________-_________L2-L4
Obturator nerve - Lumbar plexus _________-___L2-L4
From femoral to big toe, I carry sensory like a pro. For nerve grafts I am the bestest, I'm the nerve they call ____.Saphenus!
Sacral plexus is ___-___ and ___-___.L4-L5 and S1-S4
T/F - The lumbar sacral trunk join the sacral nerves.T
Provides motor and sensory nerves to the posterior thigh, most of the lower leg, foot and part of the pelvis.sacral plexus
Superior gluteal nerve - sacral plexus _________-_________L4-S1
Inferior gluteal nerve - sacral plexus _________-___L5-S2
Common fibular nerve - sacral plexus ___-___L4-S2 (via sciatic nerve)
Tibial nerve - from sacral plexus via ___ nervesciatic nerve
Supplies the gluteus medius and gluteus minimussuperior gluteal nerve
Supplies the GLUTEUS MAXIMUSinferior gluteal nerve
Common peroneal nerve AKA ...common fibular nerve
Sciatic nerve - lumbar and sacral plexus ___-___L4-S3
What is the LARGEST nerve in the human body?sciatic nerve
Sciatic nerve supplies the...hamstrings
Lateral to the neck of fibula, often injured.common fibular
Name 2 things common fibular splits into.superficial and deep peroneal
Deep peroneal ___ group - Superficial peroneal ____ group. Tibial nerve ___ group.anterior, lateral , posterior


Bloody arteries
Question Answer
Abdominal aorta ---> Common Iliac --> External Iliac --> - under inguinal ligament - _____ artery - Superficial femoral artery - adductor opening --> ____ arteryfemoral, popliteal
After the adductor opening, it goes from femoral artery to ___ artery.popliteal artery
The Popliteal artery splits into...Anterior and posterior tibial arteries
Femoral artery - adductor opening - Popliteal artery - SPLITS 1. ___ and 2. ____Anterior tibial artery, posterior tibial artery
Anterior tibial artery --> ____ ____dorsalis pedis
Posterior tibial artery --> gives a branch called ____ artery.peroneal
External iliac artery dives under inguinal ligment and becomes ___ artery.femoral
BLOOD supply bottom of foot.medial and lateral plantar arteries
BLOOD supply front of footdorsalis pedis
BLOOD supply front of thighfemoral artery
BLOOD supply back of thighpopliteal artery
Femoral artery splits into ...superificial and deep femoral arteries (superficial becomes popliteal)
BLOOD goes to the back of thigh and perforates abductor magnusdeep femoral artery
The obturator artery comes from the ...internal iliac artery


Bloody Veins
Question Answer
Name 2 superficial veins.Great saphenous vein, small saphenous vein
Name 2 deep veins.femoral vein, popliteal vein
Name a really really long vein.great saphenous vein
The Great Saphenous vein goes to ___ vein.femoral vein
The Small Saphenous vein goes to ___ vein. Popliteal vein
The Great Saphenous vein goes with the Saphenous nerve. The Small Saphenous vein goes with the ___ nerve.Sural nerve
This vein can be used to bypass obstruction in blood vessels, like occlusion of coronary artery.Great Saphenous vein (the vein is reversed so the valves don't obstruct blood flow)
What causes varicose surface veins?reflux blood flow in the surface veins (deep vein valves still good)
Dilatation, elongation, and tortousity all describe...varicose veins
What bad things can varicose veins cause?more infection, thrombosis and phlebitis
What is phlebitis?vein inflammation (can cause pain, swelling)
What is the major complication of deep venous thrombosis?pulmonary embolism


Question Answer
Name the anterior group muscles.Tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, peroneus tertius
What nerve supplies the anterior group?deep peroneal nerve
What nerves supplies the lateral group?superficial peroneal nerve
Name the lateral group muscles.Peroneus longus, Peroneus brevis
A tendon that rips playing soccertendoachilis
Injury to common peroneal nerve causes...foot drop
Tibialis muscles - inversion or eversion?inversion


Question Answer
Dorsiflexion ankleanterior
Extension toesanterior
Eversion of the footlateral
Flexion of kneeposterior
Plantar flexion of footposterior
Deep peroneal nerveanterior
Superficial peroneal nervelateral
Posterior tibial nerveposterior
Tibialis anterioranterior
Extensor digitorum longusanterior
Extensor hallucis longusanterior
Peroneus Tertiusanterior (but similar action to lateral)
Peroneus longuslateral
Peroneus brevislateral
Tibialis posteriorposterior
Flexor hallucis longusposterior
Flexor digitorum longusposterior


Nerve Injury
Question Answer
Weak thigh flexion. Weak knee extension, Sensory loss.femoral nerve
Weak hip extension.Inferior gluteal nerve
Difficulty rising from sitting and climbing stairs.Inferior gluteal nerve
Weak abduction of the thigh.Superior gluteal nerve (gluteus medius and minimus)
Waddling gaitSuperior gluteal nerve
Loss of flexion of knee. Weak extension of hip. Paralysis of leg and foot.sciatic nerve
Foot dropCommon peroneal nerve
Weak flexion of knee. Weak plantar flexion of foot. Weak inversion of foot.Tibial nerve

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