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Once upon a time...
Question Answer
___ girdle holds upper limbs in place. ___ girdle holds lower limbs in place.Pectoral, pelvic
Appendicular muscles- groups can be ___ or ___.synergistic, antagonistic
T/F - Appendicular muscles - some move pectoral girdle, move glenohumeral joint, move elbow joint, move wrist joint hand and fingers, and intrinsic muscles of the hand.T
Name 2 bone relevant to pectoral girdle.clavicle, scapula
What part of the scapula articulates with the clavicle?acromion
Name 3 muscles that help attach arm to axial skeleton.deltoid, pec major, pec minor
Muscles that move pectoral girdle - originate at... insert at...O- axial skeleton. I- clavicle or scapula
Muscles that move pectoral girdle - stabilize the ___ and move it to increase the arm's angle of movements.scapula
Name 3 muscles that insert on the humerus.teres major, pec major, latissimus dorsi
Upper limb skeleton- ___, humerus, radius, ulna, carpals, digitsscapula
Are carpals or metacarpals more proximal?carpals (goes carpals - metacarpals - phalanges)
What passes immediately posterior to the surgical neck of the humerus?axillary nerve, posterior circumflex humeral artery
Name 4 rotator cuff muscles. supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis
Rotator cuff- SITS muscles - originate on...fossae of scapula
What do SITS rotator cuff muscles do?help support "open socket" of shoulder joint (typical baseball pitcher injury)
Rotator cuff - SITS muscles - do _________ and _________ rotation of upper limb.medial and lateral
Rotator cuff - SITS muscles insert around...ball of humerus
Dislocation of humeral head from glenohumeral joint typically occurs through the ___ portion of the joint capsule where the capsule is slackest and not reinforced by a rotator cuff tendon.inferior
Dislocation of humeral head may injure what 2 nerves?axillary or radial nerves
Chronic use of shoulder or a fall with abducted arm can...rupture or tear rotator cuff
What muscle is most frequently injured in rotator cuff injury?supraspinatus


Inserts or originates at scapula?
Question Answer
Insertion on scapulamoves scapula
Origin on scapula moves arm
Pectoralis Minorinsertion
Serratus Ventralisinsertion
Levator Scapulaeinsertion
Teres Minororigin
Teres Majororigin
Latissimus Dorsiorigin (partial)


Question Answer
Suprascapular Nerve is the Navy so it goes ___. Suprascapular Artery is the Army is goes ___.under, over
Anterior compartment are elbow ____flexors (anterior of arm is the softer part, soflex disc)
Posterior compartment are elbows ___.extensors
Triceps brachii - 3 heads?long, medial, lateral
Biceps brachii - 2 heads?long, short
Brachial is kinda like referring to ...humerus
***The musculocutaneous nerve pierces the ___ muscle.coracobrachialis
Once the axillary artery passes Teres Major it becomes...the brachial artery
The radial nerve travels with the...deep brachial artery
Biceps do ___. Triceps do ___.flexion, extension
Which bone moves dduring supination and pronation?radius
Supinator and pronator muscles are attached to the...radius
Wrist EXTENSORS are associated with the ___ ___ of the humerus.lateral epicondyle
Wrist FLEXORS are associated with the _________ _________ of the humerus.medial epicondyle
Flexors start..pronation


Anterior/Posterior compartment of Brachium
Question Answer
Biceps brachiianterior
Triceps Brachiiposterior
Flexors of elbowanterior
Extensors of elbowposterior
Musculocutaenous nerveanterior comp. ARM muscles
Radial nerveposterior comp.
Flexors from MEDIAL epicondyleanterior
Extensors from LATERAL epicondyleposterior


Forearm Supinate/Pronate
Question Answer
Biceps brachiisupinator (MAIN ONE)
Supinator musclesupinator
Pronator terespronator
Pronator quadratuspronator


Question Answer
Musculocutaneous nerveC5-C7
Supplies anterior comp. muscles and lateral skin of forearmmusculocutaneous nerve
Biceps BrachiiC5-C6 (supplied by musculocutaneous nerve)
BrachialisC5-C6 (supplied by musculocutaneous nerve)
CoracobrachialisC5-C7 (supplied by musculocutaneous nerve)
Supplies triceps brachiiradial nerve (and associated skin)
Muscles of the front of the armmusculocutaneous nerve
Muscles of the front of the forearmmedian nerve
Muscles of the back of the arm and forearmradial nerve
Intrinsic muscles of the handulnar nerve
Supplies anterior compartment of FOREARMulnar nerve and median nerve


Question Answer
Continuation of axillary arterybrachial artery
Where does brachial artery begin?inferior border of teres major muscle
The brachial artery runs on the ___ side of the arm.medial
Brachial artery runs inferiorly and ___ on the medial side of the biceps.laterally
The brachial artery eventually runs to the ___ _________ .cubital fossa
Where does the brachial artery end?opposite the neck of the radius (cubital fossa)
At opposite the neck of the radius, (cubital fossa) the brachial artery divides into...radial and ulnar arteries
The brachial artery runs along with...median nerve
Largest branch of brachial artery?deep brachial artery
Deep brachial artery AKA ...profunda brachii artery
The deep brachial artery has the most ___ (superior, inferior) origin from the brachial arterysuperior
Deep brachial artery runs along with ...radial nerve (posterior course in radial groove)
The deep brachial artery divides into...anterior and posterior anastomoses of the elbow region
The radial artery begins in the ...cubital fossa (opposite the neck of radius)
***The radial artery crosses the floor of the ...anatomical snuffbox
The anatomical snuffbox is located between the...thumb and pointer finger (pulsation here)
The anatomical snuffbox is formed by the ...scaphoid and trapezium
The ulnar artery runs along with...median nerve
Ulnar artery runs deep to...pronator teres muscle
At the wrist, the _________ and ulnar nerve lie lateral to the tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris muscle.ulnar artery
At the wrist, the ulnar artery and nerve lie lateral to the tendon of the ...flexor carpi ulnaris muscle


Cubital fossa
Question Answer
Name 2 important things that pass through cubital fossa.brachial artery, median nerve
Lateral border?medial border of brachioradialis
Medial border?lateral border of pronator teres
Vein on medial border?median cubital vein
T/F - Between lateral and medial epicondyles.T


Veins and Questions
Question Answer
Which is best for drawing blood?median cubital vein
Which nerves are related to humerus?axillary nerve (surgical neck), radial nerve (posterior middle humerus), ulnar nerve (posterior to medial epicondyle)
What makes the "funny bone"?ulnar nerve
Which veins are used to draw blood?cephalic, basilic, and median cubital veins
What connects the cephalic and basilic veins at the elbow?median cubital vein
What is the radial groove?shallow groove that passes around the shaft of the humerus. It lies between the humeral attachments of the lateral and medial heads of the triceps. The radial nerve and deep brachial artery course within the groove.

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