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Axilla boundaries
Question Answer
Axilla - anterior/posterior boundaries?Anterior axillary fold and Posterior axillary fold
Axilla - medial/lateral boundaries?Medial - serratus anterior. Lateral - Intertubercular sulcus.
Pectoralis majoranterior wall (whole)
Pectoralis minoranterior wall (central only)
Subscapularisposterior wall
Teres majorposterior wall
Latissmus dorsiposterior wall
Humeruslateral wall
Coracobrachialislateral wall
Biceps brachiilateral wall
Serratus anterior musclemedial wall
Upper 4-5 ribs, intercostal spaces medial wall


Question Answer
Encloses subclavius muscle and pectoralis minor muscleclavipectoral fascia
Strong sheet of CT, attached to clavicle clavipectoral fascia
Continues downward as suspensory ligament of axilla, join fascial floor of armpitclavipectoral fascia
The axillary artery is a continuation of...subclavian artery
Name contents of axilla.Axillary artery/vein + branches/tributaries, lymph vessels + nodes, and the brachial plexus
Brachial plexus ___-___C5-T1
Innervates upper limbBrachial plexus
What muscle divides the axillary artery into 3 parts?pectoralis minor
Where does the axillary artery begin?lateral border 1st rib
Where does axillary artery end?lower border teres major
Subclavian --> axillary --> _____brachial artery
1st part Axillary arteryMEDIAL to pec minor
2nd part Axillary arteryPOSTERIOR to pec minor
3rd part Axillary arteryLATERAL to pec minor
1st part Axillary artery - branchesSuperior thoracic artery
2nd part Axillary artery - branches?Lateral thoracic artery, thoracoacromial artery
3rd part Axillary artery - branches?Subscapular, Anterior and Posterior humeral circumflex arteries
System connecting 1) 1st part subclavian artery 2) descending thoracic aorta 3) 3rd part axillary arteryscapular anastomosis
Name 3 contributors to scapular anastomosis.1st part subclavian artery, descending thoracic aorta, 3rd part axillary artery
If the _____ is obstructed, the upper limb will still get blood because scapular anastomosis.subclavian artery
Subclavian artery obstructed - what do you call this?thoracic outlet syndrome
Coarctation of Aorta makes the above BP ___ and the below BP ____.high, low (less oxygen to lower body)


Axillary artery parts
Question Answer
Superior thoracic artery1st
Lateral thoracic artery2nd
Thoracoacromial artery2nd
Subscapular artery3rd
Anterior Humeral Circumflex3rd
Posterior Humeral Circumflex3rd
Acromial branchthoracoacromial artery
Pectoral branchthoracoacromial artery
Clavicularthoracoacromial artery
Deltoidthoracoacromial artery


Question Answer
Brachial vein + basilic vein = ____axillary vein
At its terminal part, the axillary vein is joined by...cephalic vein
Where does axillary vein terminate?lateral margin of 1st rib
At lateral margin 1st rib, the axillary vein becomes...subclavian vein
What is the origin of axillary vein?lower margin of tere major
Subscapular veinaxillary vein
Circumflex humeral veinaxillary vein
Lateral thoracic veinaxillary vein
Thoraco-acromial veinaxillary vein
Name 4 tributaries of axillary vein.subscapular, circumflex humeral, lateral thoracic and thoraco-acromial veins


Brachial Plexus
Question Answer
Brachial plexus - ___ rami of C5-Tventral
The clavicle divides the brachial plexus into...supraclavicular and infraclavicular parts
Brachial plexus. RTDCBN.Roots, trunks, divisions, cords, branches nerves
The "M" is...musculocutaneous, median, ulnar nerves
Upper trunkC5 + C6
Middle trunkC7
Lower trunkC8 + T1
All trunks divide into anterior and posterior _____divisions
Posterior cordall posterior divisions
Lateral cordanterior divisions of upper and middle
Medial cordanterior divisions of lower trunk (all by medial selffffff, me me me, all by medial self)
Back of arm and forearmradial nerve
Front of armmusculocutaenous nerve
Front of forearmulnar and median nerves


Brachial plexus
Question Answer
Lateral branch of median nervelateral cord
Lateral pectoral nervelateral cord
Musculocutaneous nervelateral cord
Medial branch of median nervemedial cord
Medial pectoral nervemedial cord
Ulnar nervemedial cord (me and you!)
Medial cutaneous of the armmedial cord
Medial cutaneous of the forearmmedial cord
Axillaryposterior cord (axe murders attack from the back)
Radial posterior cord (butts are rad)
Upper subscapular posterior cord
Lower subscapular posterior cord
Thoracodorsalposterior cord
Dorsal scapularC5
Long thoracic C5, C6, C7
Suprascapularupper trunk
Subclavian nerveupper trunk


Question Answer
T/F - Ant. (pectoral) group, Post. (subscapular) group, Lateral group, Central group, Apical group, Infraclavicular (deltopectoral) group are all axillary lymph nodes.T
Which quadrant of the breast gets the most cancer?upper lateral (superolateral)
Breast cancer often spreads superolaterally to ...axillary lymph nodes
More than ___% of drainage around... breast area I guess? is via axillary lymph nodes.75%
Going upper medial goes to ___ nodes.parasternal nodes
Going lower medial goes to...subdiaphragmatic nodes and liver
Cancer going lower medial to subdiaphragmatic nodes and liver - good or bad prognosis?bad


Question Answer
Pectoral axillary (ant)lower axillary group
Subscapular axillary (post) lower axillary group
Humeral axillarylower axillary group
Centralmiddle axillary group
Interpectoral axillarymiddle axillary group
Apical axillaryupper infraclavicular group
Medial to pectoralis minorapical axillary (upper infraclavicular)
Along pectoarlis minorcentral and interpectoral (middle axillary)
Lateral pectoralis minorpectoral, subscapular, and humeral axillaries (lower axillary)


Question Answer
Origin - medial half of claviclepectoralis major
Origin - sternumpectoralis major
Origin - upper 6 costal cartilagespectoralis major
Origin - 3rd, 4th and 5th ribspectoralis minor
Origin - 1st costal cartilagessubclavius
Origin - subscapular fossa on ant. surface of scapulasubscapularis
Origin - posterior part of iliac crestlatissimus dorsi
Origin - lumbar fascia and spines of lower 6 thoracic vertebraelatissimus dorsi
Origin - lower 3 ribslatissimus dorsi
Origin - outer surface of upper 8 ribsserratus anterior


Question Answer
Insertion - lateral lip of bicipital groove of humeruspectoralis major
Insertion - coracoid processpectoralis minor
Insertion - fibers move up and laterally into inferior surface of claviclesubclavius
Insertion - lesser tuberosity of humerussubscapularis
Insertion - floor of the bicipital groove of humerus with teres majorlatissimus dorsi
Insertion - medial border of scapula in the region of the inferior angleserratus anterior


Question Answer
Medial and lateral pectoral nervespectoralis major
Medial pectoral nervepectoralis minor
Nerve to subclavius (from upper trunk)subclavius
Upper and lower subscapular nervessubscapularis
Thoracodorsal nervelatissmus dorsi
Long thoracic nerveserratus anterior


Question Answer
Adducts the arm and rotates medially. Some flexion.pectoralis major
Pulls shoulder down and forward. Elevates rib of origin.pectoralis minor
Depresses clavicle, steadies the bonesubclavius
Medially rotates arm, stabilizes the shoulder jointsubscapularis
Adducts the arm and rotates medially. Some extension.latissimus dorsi
Draws the scapula forward and rotates it.serratus anterior