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Sternocleidomastoid innervated byAccessory Nerve
DEEP cervical lymph nodes followInternal Jugular Vein
Posterior triangle boundaries...Sternocleidomastoid, clavicle, trapezius
Superficial cervical nerve block locationMid sternocleidomastoid
Muscle that divides muscular from carotid triangleomohyoid
Submental triangle boundariesL&R anterior bellies of the digastric Muscles, and the hyoid bone is the posterior
Omohyoid M. divides what two anterior triangles?Muscular triangle and Carotid triangle
Submandibular gland is in the submandibular triangle, whose borders are:Both bellies of digastric, mandible bone. (mylohyoid is the roof)
Ludwig's AnginaStrangulation caused by infextion/abscess causing neck/tongue swelling. 2nd and 3rd molars
Ludwig's angina spreads through what triangles?Submental and submandibular because the 2nd/3rd molar root can reach through myelohyoid 'roof' muscle
Muscular triangle aka the ____ ___ muscles.Infrahyoid strap muscles
Omo meansShoulder
In muscular triangle, sternohyoid or sternothyroid is longer?Sternohyoid. Thyroid cartilage is below hyoid bone.
Innervation for all muscular triangle muscles is...cervical plexus... ansa cervicalis nerve loop formed from C1 (superior root) and C2/3 (inferior root)
Carotid sinus is in what arteryInternal Carotid Artery
What area has baroreceptors from the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX), Carotid sinus of the internal carotid artery.
What area has the carotid body (for chemoreceptor fibers also via CN IX and again possibly with a CN X assist)the “crook” of the division between the internal and external carotids
Internal or external carotid gives off branches?External. The internal carotid has no branches.
What's in the carotid sheathInternal carotid artery, internal jugular vein, vagus nerve
Ansa cervicalis is what? Innervates what?Loop of nerve in the neck (part hypoglossal), that innervates infrahyoid strap muscles.
Platysma is a muscle of ____ ____facial expression
Thyrocervical trunk comes off of the Subclavian artery
Danger space allows transfer of infection from ___ to ____.Pharynx to diaphragm via the mediastinum.
Danger space boundariesRetropharygeal space
The _____ and ________ fasciaeform the potential space identified as the danger space alar and prevertebral fascias
Posterior Scalene vs Middle Scalene muscles?Posterior scalene inserts on the 2nd rib, so it runs 1 additional rib.
Scalenes and lavator scapulae M. superior attachment?Cervical vertebra transverse processes
Thoracic outlet syndrome – the fact that the brachial plexus and subclavian artery are “sandwiched” by the anterior and middle scalene muscles
What muscles cause thoracic outlet syndromethe anterior and middle scalene muscles
What artery comes off of the third part of the subclavian A.?Dorsal scapular Artery
Potential serious problem with tracheostomyThyroid Ima Artery
Spinal accessory nerve (CNXI) palsy results in scapular winging, but during abduction,
Eden-Lange transfer treats what?Spinal accessory nerve palsy (scapular winging)
Eden-Lange transfer moves the insertion of the ________ and part of the ______ laterally to recreate the function of the affected trapezius.levator scapulae and rhomboids
Recurrent laryngeal nerve comes off of the ___ nerve and is visible wrapping around the subclavian on the ____ sidevagus, right side
Sympathetic trunk is on top of what fascia?Prevertebral
Sympathetic trunk is where in relation to the carotid sheath?Posterior
What pharyngeal arch forms the facial expression muscles?mesenchyme of the 2nd pharyngeal arch
The lateral nasal prominence and ______ process form the ____ groove which forms the tear ductmaxillary; nasolacrimal
Posterior cleft involves hard or soft palateCan be both or can be just soft. Posterior cleft simple refers to it being behind the incisive fossa.
What is the incisive fossaA point on the junction dividing the primary and secondary palates.
Lefort 1 fracture is only through..the maxilla
Lefort 2 fracture detaches the maxilla and..the nasals
Lefort 3 fracture involves breaking the...zygomatic
Layers of the scalpskin, connective tissue, aponeurosis (the galea aponeurotica or epicranial aponeurosis), loose connective tissue, and pericranium.
Innervation of the facial expression branchiomotor fibers from the facial nerve (VII) (includes occipitalis and platysma!)
Facial muscles origin on skull, insert on skin, with the exception of ___frontalis, which attaches to galea aponeurotica
branchiomotor to stapedius, stylohyoid, and posterior belly of digastric come fromFacial nerve (CNVII)
Superior tarsal muscle (eyelid) has problems when...Sympathetic trunk function loss (HORNER'S)
Bell's palsy is paralysis of..the facial nerve
Bell's palsy patients cant blink affected eyelid because orbicularis oculi is non-functional
The two 1st pharnygeal arch nerves (part of the same nerve...) are: V2 and V3 of the trigeminal nerve. The innervate the skin of the face
Back of head superficial skin nerve?Greater occipital nerve (2nd cervical dorsal ramus)
Superficial temporal artery is a terminal branch of the External carotid artery, just as Maxillary artery is
TMJ - The articular disc within the joint capsule of the TMJ divides the joint into an upper and lower chamber. What occurs in the upper chamber? Lower chamber/Upper = Sliding motion; Lower=hinge
The muscles of mastication are all innervated by branches of the.. mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve.
The ______ is the largest muscle of mastication.temporalis
any muscle with the term "glossus" in it is innervated by CN XII hypoglossus (except palatoglossus muscle)
_________ is responsible for bringing special sense fibers (taste) from the anterior 2/3 of the tongue The chorda tympani (branch of FACIAL NERVE VII)
Where does the chorda typani branch from the facial nerve?Wile in the facial canal of the temporal bone
A pretrematic nerve..... Leaves what? Supplies what? Example? leaves the pharyngeal arch of origin to provide sensory fibers to the territory immediately preceding the arch of origin. Consequently, the chorda tympani is a pretrematic nerve associated with the second pharyngeal arch (arch of the facial nerve, VII). This pretrematic nerve supplies the territory of the first pharyngeal arch, which is otherwise territory of the trigeminal nerve (V).
Abducens nerve problem could signal infection in the...cavernous sinus
Cavernous sinus can get an infection transferred via what veinous plexus?Pterygoid plexus
What artery passes through the cavernous sinusInternal carotid
What sinuses are the inner walls of the orbit divided fromethmoid
What sinuses are deep to the dear ductsmaxillary
lamina papyracia....paper-thin... blowout fracture in orbit goes to maxillary or even ethmoid sinus
orbital emphysema comes fromblow-out fracture of the medial wall of the orbit. Air is driven into the orbit when patient blows nose
What nerve innervates the muscles of masticationTrigeminal
___________ in the head are all postganglionic, having synapsed in the superior cervical ganglion.Sympathetics
Parasympathetics in the head must synapse in one of only four paired ganglia, all located on the trigeminal nerve (V).