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Common Anaerobic Bacteria

Question Answer
Actinomyces sppthin, filamentous/beaded GPR
Bacteroides fragilispale/pleo GNR with round ends ("safety pin")
B. vulgatuspale/pleo GNR w/round ends
Bifidobacterium sppGPR diphtheroid w/bifurcated ends ("dog bones")
Bilophila wadsworthiapale GNR
Clostridium botulinumstraight GPR w/subterminal spores ("tennis racket")
C. difficilelong, thin GPR w/subterminal spores
C. perfringensstraight/curved Gram-variable rods with blunt ends (large boxcar shape); may have spores that swell cell
C. septicumstraight/curved GPR (older cultures are GNR)- uneven staining; may have subtermial spores that swell
C. sordelliiGPR w/subterminal spores
C. tetaniGPR (GNR after 24hr incubation) w/subterminal/terminal spores ("tennis racket/drumstick" appearance)
Eubacterium spppleo GPCB/GPR in pairs/short chains
Finegoldia magnaGPC in pairs/clusters
Fusobacterium mortiferumpale/pleo GNR with round bodies
F. necrophorumpleo GNR with tapered ends; may be filamentous or contain round bodies
F. nucleatumlong, slender pale GNR with pointed ends (can resemble Capnocytophaga)
Lactobacillus sppGVP/GVCB (rods w/round ends or short CB that resemble streptococci)
Peptostreptococcus anaerobiuslarge GPCB, often in chains
Porphyromonas sppGNCB
Prevotella disiensGNR in pairs/short chains
P. melaninogenicaGNCB
Propionibacterium spppleo GPR diphtheroid-like
Schleiferella asaccharolyticaGPC in pairs/tetrads/irregular clusters
Veillonella parvulatiny GNdC in clusters/pairs/short chains

Culture media

Question Answer
Brucella blood agar (BRU)nonselective + enriched; allows growth of both obligate and facultative anaerobes; 5% sheep blood + vitamin K1 + hemin
Bacteroides bile esculin (BBE) agarselective + differential; to isolate bile-tolerant members of B. fragilis gp -> medium turn from lt yellow to brown; contains gentamicin + 20% bile
Kanamycin-vancomcin-laked blood (KVLB) agarselective for obligately anaerobic/microaerotolerant GNR (esp Bacteroides and Prevotella)
Phenylethyl alcohol (PEA) agarallows growth of obligate anaerobic gram +/= and facultative anaerobic gram+; inhibits swarming Proteus and other Enterobacteriaceae
Egg yolk agar (EYA)when clostridia are suspected; used to detect enzymes produced by clostridia (lecithinase, lipase, and proteolytic enzymes)
Direct Nagler Testwhen C. perfringens is suspected
Cycloserine-cefoxitin-fructose agar (CCFA)selective + differential; when C. difficile is suspected (yellow, ground-glass colonies); the original pink agar will turn yellow around the colonies