Anabolism continued

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Photosynthesis The sun is the source of energy. This energy is used to build organic molecules
Photosynthesis (overall reaction)CO2 & H2O are the input and O2 is the waste product
Light reaction (1 of 2 photosynthesis phases)Light is required for it to take place. The goal of this phase is to generate ATP
Chlorophyll (photosynthetic pigment)A key molecule in the light reaction process. Accessory pigments are also involved. They trap the energy from different wavelengths of sunlight
ATP Production Water is split (O & H+). The protons are passed through an electron transport chain to generate ATP while oxygen is left as a waste product.
Dark Reaction (Calvin-Benson Cycle)Light is not required for this. The ATP generated in the light reaction is now used (along with CO2) to make sugars & other molecules
ChemosynthesisAn unusual form of anabolism. Only carried out by certain bacteria. Aka, "Photosynthesis w/out the sun": Involves tapping into the energy of certain chemical reactions (e.g.: NO2 --> NO3)

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