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Whats in the headtympanum, nares, nictating membrane
what in mouthhinged tongue, glottis, gullet, vomerine, and maxillary teeth
skincovered with mucus, abides abosrbtion of water and oxygen, underneath s is a layer of muscle
legswell muscled and powerful, webbed feet
circulatory system3 chambered heart; veins-bring blood to heart. arteries-take blood away from heart. Capillaries- can be as small as a single blood cell, they exchange of materials take place.
digestive stomachchmically with HCI and mechanically and parastalsis. Liver produces bile and three part organ in frog. Small intestines-containvilli and nutrients are absorbed from here to blood. Excess food is stored as fat to use later
excretorykidneys clean chemicals and salts from blood, Ureter take filtered material from the kidneys to the bladder. Urine, feces, sperm, eggs, are expelled from cloaca
reproductivemale- testes produce sperm. Female-Ovaries produce eggs, fertilization of external
Tadpole-froggills become lungs, grow arms and legs, lose tail, heart goes from two to three chambers.

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