Aminoglycosides, quinolones, tetracylines, macrolides, sulfonamides

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Question Answer
aminoglycosides cidal? time dependent?cidal and concentration dependent. post antibiotic effect
aminglycoside extended dosing interval has helped todecrease nephrotoxicity, cost, and incrrease cidal activity.
aminoglycoside usemainly gram negative...synergy with beta lactam or vanco for endocarditis staph/enterococcus
boxed warning aminoglycosidesoto and nephro toxicity. neuromuscular blockade. avoid therapy with other drugs like that
aminoglycosides if underweightuse actual body weight
aminoglycs if obeseuse adjusted body weight
gentamicin is a aminoglycoside
tobramycin is aaminoglycosde
amikacin is a aminoglycoside
tobramcyin target peak5-10 (usually 10x the mic)
tobra target trough<2
quinolones moainhibit bacterial DNA topoisomerase and DNA gyrase. breakage double stranded DNA.
quinolones cidal? time dependent?concentration and cidal
respiratory quinolones due to enhanced strep pneumo and atypicals=levofloxacin and moxi
cipro and levo for psuedomonasgood actibity but usually used with another agent if treating that
moxi nicheanerobic actibity as well
vigamox eye dropsmoxifloxacin
quinolones boxed warningtendon inflammation and or rupture. increased risk steroid use, organ transplant, above 60 yoa
QT prolongation with quinolones highest risk with _ usemoxi
can cause peripheral neuropathy, seizure, photosensitivity, glucose changes, increased liver enzymesquinolones
this suspn should not go through ng tube or feeding tubecipro. no refrigerate. can crush IR tabs
macrolides moa50s ribosomal. inhibit protein synthesis.
macrolides cidal? time dep?static, time
good atypical coveragemacrolides
macrolide QT prolongation higest with ___erythromycin
hepatoxicity...use caution liver diseasemacrolides
azithromycin fewer cliically sig drug interactionsminro sub 3a4 and inhib weak of 1a2 and pgp
tetracylines moa30s protein synth inhibited
tetracyline cidal? time?static and time dependent
doxycyline can be used formrsa mild skin infection and VRE in UTI
minocycline used foracne- enhanced gram positive coverage
doxy that needs be taken with no food, otherwise take with foodoracea
warning children under 8, pregnant, and breastfeeding. also photosensitivitytetracylines.
sulfamethoxazole moainterferes with bacterial folic acid synthesis. collectively cidal
sulfonamides lack what coveragepsudeomonas, enterococcus, atypical, aneorboic
single strength bactrim400mg SMX/80 TMP
double strength bactrim800mg SMX/ 160mg TMP
SE skin reactions and photosensitivitysulfonamides
can increase potassiumsulfonamides
weight based doses of bactrim should always be expressed as the mg/kg of ___ componeenttrimethoprim