Amino Acid Catabolism

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How is Nitrogen in AA excreted?Excreted in urine as urea and NH4
Where are AA catabolized?in liver
Where are branch chain AA catbolized?In muscle
Where does the nitrogen from the AA go to?Alpha Ketogluterate
How do AA get to alphajketoglutaerate?Aminotransferases
Why does to go to a-ketogluterate?To make glutamate
What are the three fates of glutamate?1. goes to the Kindey as Glutamine 2. Enters the urea cycle and added to carboyl phosphate 3. N goes to OAA to get asperatate to enter the urea cycle
What are the 3 branch chained amino acids?Valine. leucine, isoleucine
Where are branch chain AA catabolized?Muscle
What happens to the Nitrogen groups in branch chain AA?Gets incorperated in to glutamate/glutamine in kidney
How many ways does glutamate enter the urea cycle?2 ways
1 way glutamate enters the urea cycleIncorperated into aspertate
How does Glutamate get incorporated into Aspertate?Aminotransferase
How does Glutamate get incorporated in to the Urea CycleBecomes ammonia and a-ketogluterate by deanimation
What deanimates glutamate into a-ketogluterateglutatmate DH

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