American History Ch. 17

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Question Answer
What did the baby boom generation value?youth, indivisuality, and spirituality
What did the 2nd wave of femminism want? full equality with men.
what did the Vietnam War help create? the counter culture
Why did the music and clothing industries mark products to the counter culture?they represent a large consumer group
What made younge people realize that drugs are deadly?The death of Jimi Hendrix
What was the defining characteristic of the counter culture?protest
What helped restart the women's right movement? the civil rights movement
What was NOW first founded on?proctecting reproductive freedom
What act made it illegal to deny credit based on gender?Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974
What caused the number of women working to double? the women's movement
What does the Pink Collar refer to?the fact that men make more money than women
What act reconized the rights of consumers to buy safe cars?the national traffic and moter vehicle act of 1966
How did the government expand 'the rights of people with disabilities?passed laws that guaranteed them acess to education
What led to the restriction of DDT? Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring"
When was the 1st Earth day to protest environmental problems? April 22, 1970
Who created the EPA Richard Nixon
What was one argument that people use to oppose regulations protecting the environmentthe government should not put restrictions on private property