American Gov Unit 1

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Question Answer
What is the Constitution?Body of fundamental laws which sets out principles, structures, and processes of a government.
What is Dictatorship?Power by single or small group of people.
What power does the Legislative Branch have?Power to make the laws.
What power does the Judicial Branch have?Interprets the law.
What power does the Executive Branch have?Enforces the law.
What is Government?Government is the institution through which a society makes & enforces its public policies.
What are divine rights?Supports monarchy's (God gave power to rule over a society.)
What is social Contract?people will make an agreement with the government.
Untitary Government?national government.
Federal Government?A shared government
What are the three unaliable rights?Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.
What are the four factors underlying the free enterprise system?Private ownership, individual initiative, protif, and competition
How does the law of supply and demand operate?When supplies of goods and services go up, prices go down.
What is a ratification?formal approval, final consent to the effectiveness of a constitution or treaty.
What is a presiding officer?The leader of a group meeting.
Framers?Group of delegates who drafted the United States constitution at the Philidelphia convention in 1787
What were the five issues involved in the ratification debate?Absence and mention of God, Denial of states to have the power to print money, ratification process, powers of the central government, lack of the bill of rights.
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?One vote per state, national government has no power to tax, cannot regulate trade,no executive, no national court system, unanimous amendments, 9/13 states to pass laws, and weak central government.
What were the three biggest problems under the Articles of Confederation?Make war & peace, Raise army & Navy, make treaties & settle disputes between states.
What was the Virginia plan?Three branches, representation based on population, bicameral legislature, large state plan.
What was the New Jersey plan?Equal representation, unicameral legislature, more than one executive, small state plan.
What was Conecticut's Compromise other name?The Great Compromise.
What year was the Bill of Rights added by first congress?in 1791
What year was the Constitution written?in 1787
What year was the Constitution ratified?in 1789
What is population?people, no matter the size.
What is territory?Land.
What is Sovereignty?The right to rule.
What is The force theory?To take over territory by force.
What are the four parts of a state?population, territory, sovereignty, and government.
What are the differences between a democracy and a dictatorship?A democracy has authority (they make the decisions.) , directness. A dictatorship is not responsible to people will, autocracy, and oligarchy.
What is an oligarchy?Its ruled by the few