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American Authors

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People: Section 1

Question Answer
Warren G. HardingElected President in 1920
Babe Ruth"Sultan of Swat" he was the king of baseball
"flapper"women who defied a male dominated society
Bill TildenTennis champion
Helen Willis Moodyfemale tennis champion
Gertrude Ederleswam the English Channel
Charles Lindberghflew non-stop from Long Island to Paris
Albert Einsteintheory of relativity


Question Answer
Sigmund Freudphysician who revolutionized people's ideas about how the human mind works
T.S. EliotAmerican poet
Thomas MannGerman novelist
Franz KafkaCzech novelist
Virginia WoolfBritish novelist
Ernest Hemingwaynovelist who used a lean straightforward style
F. Scott FitzgeraldAmerican writer who wrote " The Great Gratsby"
James Joyceinvented "stream of consciousness" style of writing


Question Answer
Claude McKaybelonged to the African America literary movement
Langston Hughesbelonged to the African American literary movement
Zora Neale Hurstonbelonged to the African AMerican literary movement
John Steinbeckwrote the "Grapes of Wrath"
John Dos Passoswrote U.S.A trilogy
Pablo PicassoSpanish painter who painted "Les Demoiselles D'Avignon"
Salvador Dalipainter who created realistically impossible images
Ben Shahnsocial realist


Question Answer
Peter Blumesocial realist
Dorthea Langephotographer
Sergey Prokofievmusic composer
Arnold Shoenbergused 12 note scale with equally valued notes
Louis Armstrongtrumpet player
Bessie Smithblues singer
Jelly Roll Mortonpianist


Question Answer
Isadora DuncanAmerican dancer
Martha Grahamturned modern dance into striking new art
Sergey DiaghilevRussia impresario who developed modern ballet
Igor Stavinskywrote "Rite of Spring"
Vaslav Nijinskyperformed Stavinsky's music
George Balanchinechoreographer for Ballet Russes
Walter Gropiusfounded the Bauhaus school of design in Weimar


Question Answer
Frank Lloyd Wrightarchitect who mixed structures with natural surroundings
F.W. MurnauGerman film maker
Charlie ChaplinBritish actor and director
Tommy Dorseypart of swing bands and performed in ballrooms and hotels
Count Bessiepart of a swing band and performed in ballrooms and hotels
Benny Goodmanpart of a swing band and performed in ballrooms and hotels
Duke Ellingtonpart of a swing band and performed in ballrooms and hotels


Question Answer
Arte Shawpart of a swing band and performed in ballrooms and hotels
Louella Parsonscolumnist who wrote about the trouble in Hollywood
Malcolm Cowleya critic and author of "New York Times" and he wrote about happiness at the end of the war
Gertrude SteinAmerican writer and a major cultural figure
William Jennings Bryanbattled lawyer Clarence Darrow over whether or not public schools should teach darwinian science
Clarence Darrowa lawyer
Al JohnsonAmerican actor that signaled an end to silent films

People: section 2

Question Answer
Woodrow Wilsonwanted the U.S. to assume a greater rule in foreign affairs
Foreign born radicalsred scare led to the expulsion of suspected members of this suspected party
Michael Collinsan Irish nationalist leader,negotiated a treaty with the British in 1921
King AbdulahKing of Jordan in 1946
Franklin D. Rooseveltelected President in 1932 and promised a "New Deal"
Ramsy McdonaldScottish labor leader named prime minister
Eamon De Valeraled an Irish revolt against the Irish Free State
Leon Blumsocialist leader

People: section 3

Question Answer
Benito Mussoliniformed facist
BlackshirtsMussolini's followers who destroyed anyone or anything in his path
Victor Emmanuel IIIwas asked by cabinet leaders to declare martial law
Adolph HitlerNazi leader
Brownshirtsa private party of young veterans and street thugs
GestapoHilter's secret police
Il Ducewhat Mussolini called himself
Der FuhrerHilter's title

People, Section 4

Question Answer
Leon Trotskyplayed key role in Bolshevik Revolution
Joseph StalinMarxist revolutionary
Rosa LuxembergGerman communist party member
Maksim Gorkyone of the soviets leading writers
Kulaksprosperous peasant farmers
Old Bolsheviks1936 Stalin put them all on trial and all pleaded guilty to treason and were all exicuted
John Scottwrote"Behind the Urals: An American Worker in Russia's City of Steel"

Literature/Art/Film/Science, Section 1

Question Answer
"The Wasteland"T.S. Eliot's poem
"The Sun Also Rises"Ernest Hemingway used a lean straitfoward style in this book
"The Hollow Men"T.S. Eliot's poem
"The Great Gatsby"Explored atmosophere and excesses of the 1920s
"The Grapes of Wrath"book about the plight of Oklahoma farmers who abandoned their farms
Les Demoiselles d'Avignonpainting by Pablo Picasso
Perriot Lunairedissonant music


Question Answer
"The Rite of Spring"Stravinsky's ballet
"The Last Laugh"told without subtitles
"The Jazz Singer"first non-silent film
"I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang"forceful indictment of southern penal system
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"showed effects of political corruption
Cubismabstract art form using intersecting geometric shapes
Dadastressed absurdity and unpredictable life


Question Answer
Surrealismuses dream like images
Swingnew word for music played with happy, relaxed jazz beat
U.S.Atrilogy written by John Dos Passos
"Stream of Consciousness"Joyce created this writing style which presented inner thoughts rather than external actions
"Ulysses"book written by James Joyce
Harlem Renaissancedealt with African American experience in America
"theory of relativity"there are no absolutes in measuring time or space
"Age of Steel Composers"created by Sergey Prokofiev


Question Answer
automobilegreatest impact on European and American society
radiohelped produce a homogeneous culture
GuernicaPicasso's painting the symbolized the horror of Spain's civil war
Choreographerdance arranger
Guy Lombardoplayed traditional waltzes and foxtrots
Sammy Kayeplayed traditional waltzes and foxtrots
Ballets RussesStavinsky's dancers
Bauhaus School of Designsimple unornamenteed style of design

Section 3

Question Answer
Mein KampfHitler's memoirs that he wrote in jail

Section 4

Question Answer
"Les Miserables"a novel about revolution and social conditions
"A Return to Normalcy"Warren Harding promised this upon election
19th Amendmentwomen got the right to vote