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Amendments To The United States Constitution

Updated 2007-05-10 23:01
1stFreedom of religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly
2nd *Right to bear arms
3rd *Quartering soldiers in private homes
4thSearches and seizures; warrants
5th *Due process; Self-incrimination
6thRights of the accused
7th *Right to trial by jury in civil cases
8th *Excessive bail & fines; cruel & unusual punishment
9thUnenumerated rights (not listed rights) retained by the people
10thPowers reserved to the states or to the people
11thImmunity of states to foreign suits
12thRevision of presidential election procedures
13thAbolition of slavery
14thCitizenship, state due process, state equal protection
15thRacial suffrage
16thFederal income tax
17thDirect election to the United States Senate
18thProhibition of alcohol (Repealed by 21st amendment)
19thWomen's suffrage
20thTerm Commencement for congress
21stRepeal of Eighteenth Amendment; state and local prohibition permitted
22ndLimits the president to two terms
23rdRepresentation of Washington, D.C. in Electoral College
24thProhibition of poll taxes
25thPresidential disabilities
26thVoting age lowered to 18 (see suffrage)
27thVariance of congressional compensation


* = Not applied to states.