Amendments 11-27

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Question Answer
Amendment 11Citizens and foreingers can't sue a state in federal court
Amendment 12Vise President and President elected as a team
Amendment 13Abolished slavery
Amendment 14equal protection under laws, and Jus Solis
Amendment 15can't restrict voting by race
Amendment 16allow tax on income
Amendment 17Senators elected by popular vote
Amendment 18Prohibition of alcohol
Amendment 19Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20Presidential and Congressional Terms
Amendment 21Prohibition of sale or use of alcohol repealed
Amendment 22Limits President of two terms
Amendment 23District of Columbia gets 3 reps to Electoral College
Amendment 24Eliminates poll taxes
Amendment 25 Set process for presidential disability and succession
Amendment 26 Voting age set to 18 years
Amendment 27Congressional pay raise takes effect after next election