Amendments 1-27

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Question Answer
First Amendment G.R.A.S.P: Greviances religion assembly speech and press
Second AmendmentKeep a militia, Right to bear arms
Third AmendmentNo soldier shall be quartered in times of peace
Fourth AmendmentGovernment must have a search warrent
Fifth AmendmentRight to remain silent, cant be tried for things twice, etc.
Sixth AmendmentFair and civil, speedy trial
Seventh AmendmentRight to jury can't be taken away
Eighth Amendment No cruel and unusual punishment
Ninth AmendmentGovernment cant take certain rights away
Tenth AmendmentPower is reserved to the states
Eleventh AmendmentState immune from some lawsuits
Twelfth Amendment Changes in electoral college proceedures
Thirteenth AmendmentAbolition of Slavery
Fourteenth AmendmentCitizenship, equal protection, due process
Fifteenth AmendmentNo denial of vote, no matter race, color, or vote
Sixteenth AmendmentCongress given the power to tax incomes
Seventeenth AmendmentPopular election of U.S Senators
Eighteen AmendmentProhibition on alcohol
Nineteenth AmendmentWomen's suffrage
Twentieth AmendmentChange of dates for presidential and congressional terms
Twenty first AmendmentRepeal on prohibition of alcohol
Twenty second AmendmentLimit on presidential terms
Twenty Third AmendmentD.C Rhymes with 23: Presidential electors for the District of Columbia
Twenty Fourth AmendmentAbolition of poll tax
Twenty Fifth Amendment25 Stay alive: Presidential succession and disability
Twenty Sixth AmendmentPresidential disability and succession
Twenty Seventh AmendmentVotes for eighteen year olds
Restraint on congressional salaries