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What his mod is enriched in exons? What is special about this?H3K36me Histone modifaciton which is not ass w/ transcriptional activity
What evidence is their that histone mods play a role in Splicing?HDACi with TSA alters Fib ex33 skipping and NCAM 18 splicing
Cool example of tissue specific splicing and histones?H3 K36me3 +H3K4me Mesenchymal and H3K27me3 H3K4me3 epithilial for FRFR2
What are the links between chromaitn + AS?SwiSNF remodellers interact with u1 and u5, Nucleosomes enriched at junctions between? Pseudoexons are depleted of nucleosomes
If ESE/ISS;s are insffuicient to explain complexity of splicing what needs to be considered Epigenetics and Kinetic coupling of elongation and splicing Dystrophin gene showed that splicing is cotranscriptional.
What makes templates good bad?Allow ID of splicing factors but not representative of a transcript emerging from pol2
What evidence suggests that RNApol speed affects exon inclusion?Use of CMV vs B globin promoters - with different polymerases and elongation rates - 10 lower inclusion in B globin. Slow pol mutants skip fibronectin 33
How are SR protiens functionally flexibleInhibit ss selection when situated in introns
How much of an exon is covered by auxillary sequences Over 50%
How varied are 5'SS?With invariant GU 50% of more than 16000 possibilities have been observed
Who genereated splicing codes? What from?Barash et al 3665 casette exons and 26 tissue cell lines
How accurate are splicing codes? What is their downfall ? How many patterns do they predict?94%. They do not provide quantitive predictions about transcript levels. Group events into CNS muscle, embryo and digestive.
Where do sequences that influence a splice sites selection reside?Within the intron in question and in those immediately flanking
What is the neuronal exon inclusion code ?No real motif enrichment, short and tendancy x to encode frameshift inducing exons
What is the ncRNA implicated in Myo Dystrophy?MATLAT1
Which human gene is given as an example of multiple isoforms? hSLO = 500mRNAs
How many alternative splicing decisions are made by a cell?>100,000
What is an example of Trans splicing in drosophila mdg4 which encodes 28mRNAs

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