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Which exon is skipped in Tra?HowExon 2- longer version included in males. Sxl shifts downstream
What did Sharma show 1)During N1 repression U1 binds 5SS properly but is inactivated by PTB. U1 INhibited by adjcent PTB acc to x linking assays
How does PTB inhibiton of U1 work?RRMs in PTB bind stem loop 4 in U1SnRNA. Thereby preventing further spliceosome assmebly
Who investigated Neural specific As what did the findRaj 2014- nSR100 regulates an extensive As promme w/ cricital role in neuronal development.
How does nSr100 operate?nSR100 binds intronic enhaces b/w PPT and acceptor site. Outcompetes PTB assoicates with U2AF facotrs and promotes downstream exon inclusion
How does PTB orientation affect splicing?Upstam inhibit downstream activate
What occurs at the cSRC locus in normal tissues? N1 exon repression, the U1 snRNP binds properly to the N1 exon 5' splice site but is made inactive by the presence of PTB
Why are mechanisms of splicing regulators poorly understood?. Precise contacts between regulatory proteins and components of the core splicing machinery have only rarely been identified.
Desribe spliceosome assemblyhe spliceosome assembles onto each intron through the sequential binding of the five small ribonucleoprotein particles (snRNPs) U1, U2, U4, U5, and U6, and multiple auxiliary proteins to form discreet RNP complexes termed E, A, B, and C
When is the choice is made of which splice sites to pair Cross intron contacts between the U1 snRNP complex at the 5′ splice site and the U2 snRNP complex at the branchpoint and 3′ splice site are crucial in determining splice site pairing. On a simple single-intron pre-mRNA studied in vitro, such contacts are seen in the ATP-independent E complex.
How did splice arrays redefine PTB Earlier studies recognized PTB mainly as a splicing repressor, but recent genomewide identification of PTB target exons using micro-array and clip-seq methods show that PTB can also enhance inclusion of some exons
How does PTB inhibit splicing pattern in non neuronal cells, PTB inhibits splice site pairing by blocking interaction of the U1 snRNP bound at the N1 exon 5′ splice site with the U2 snRNP complex at the downstream 3′ splice site
How does PTB block 5SS' 3SS interactions The multiple PTB molecules assembled in the N1 exon complex interact, and are thought to create a RNA loop
What targets are found for PTB by enrichmentVesicular transport, Vesicular transport
Where are PTB and nPTB investiagedNeuronal prescuors and post mitotic neuones. nPTB transcripts found in each . Use RA to induce differerentiation
What proteins tend to reg muscle specific splicing events CELF MBNL FOX fpimd wotjom tje dpwmstream flanking intron
What percentage of ASEs are tissue specificAcc to RNA seq = 70%
What complicates the Dscam netwrok further HRP36 inhibiton results in the incluson of multiple exons 6
How long in N1 exon18 too short for exon definition
Where does a riboswitch regulate splicing Watcher 2007 in Neosoira 5' region of NMT1 intro which reponds to the vitamin B derivative TPP (These are found in multiple thymine metabolism genes)