Alpha Tao Omega History

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Question Answer
When was ATO founded?September 11, 1865 at VMI
Who were the founders of ATO?Otis Allen Glazebrook, Alfred Marshal, Erskine Mayo Ross
What is a signature event?A non-social chapter event that makes a statement, known by students and it benefits the campus and the community. Every member participates and it benefits chapter participation, Focuses on PR, Meet potential recruits, Demonstrates the value of the chapter.
What is the Lexington Triad? A group of 3 Fraternities, ATO, Kappa Alpha Order, Sigma Nu founded by students in Lexington Virginia following the Civil War.
LeadershipLeadership training institute founded in 1986
Help WeekCoined by Robert Lollar to create a replacement for "Hell Week". Pledges walk around campus doing good deeds.
Spiritual and Ritual Development ProgramDevelop programs and bring staff on board to show the creed principals are still in effect today.
ATO Roadshow Made to highlight the good works of ATO chapters and brothers. Let chapters know what everyone is doing.
The ATO leader e-Published 2x a month during the academic year, provides chapter officers and members with the latest fraternity National Fraternity initiatives and program info.
LC OnDemand and InteractBOT Makes education more accessible and convenient. The National Fraternity hosts regularly scheduled video conferences for groups world wide.
The Ato Palm Published continually since being founded by Joseph R. Anderson. Official Magazine with over 100,000 published.
The ATO DevotionalWritten by ATO's for ATO's. Explores the basis on which Glazebrook founded ATO.
The Brotherhood BookHelps capture the essence of strong brotherhood and a good ATO info resource.
The ATO Story A three volume history of ATO founded in 1968.
What was the purpose of finding ATO?Reuniting men from the from the North and South in a brotherhood after the Civil War.
When was the ATO foundation recognized? June 1935
What was it established on?Christian Principals
Where is the ATO memorial fountain? In front of VMI's library.
What is the Battle of New Market? Explain. May 14, 1864. All three founders fought. 16 Cadets became ATO's
ATO Badge Heraldic cross patee, in the center are 3 stars on a crescent, the letter Tao, and clasped hands. Upper
ATO Colors Sky Blue and Gold
ATO FlowerWhite Tea Rose
Minimum GPA2.8

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