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Icarus/Fly too close to the sunMythology and Legend
Bread and CircusesHistory, Culture, Ideas
Deus ex MachinaLiterature
Tabula Rasa

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Icarus/ Fly too close to the sunDaedalus; wings and wax; Aegean sea;
Bread and CircusesWriter during the Roman Empire; imperial governmen was providing entertaining spectacles such as Colosseum; easily kept in line
Deus ex Machina"god from the mechane;" crane equipped with a harness; appear to be flying; a god would unexpectedly appear flying to earth to solve a seemingly hopeless problem; save hero/heroine
Tabula RasaEnglish philosopher John Locke, mind of a young person unaffected by experience, founder of British empiricism


Question Answer
Icarus/ Fly to close to the sunfail or to be destroyed because of lack of caution or execessive ambition
Bread and Circuses Prevent unrest by keeping people happy and defelcting concern about troubling issues
Deus ex Machinaany surprising turn of events that suddenly makes things turn out all right; us ab unsatisfying and overly convientent way to end a story
Tabula RasaThe idea that something/someone is entirely unmarked and uninfluenced