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Question Answer
11. For which year was there a party's dominance in India?1977
12. The year of signing of the 'Shimla Pact' between India and Pakistan is - 1972
13. When was the Russian leader who signed the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between India and Russia?Leonid Brezhnev
14. Who has given the term 'Indra-nudhashi coalition' derived from politics and policies?Barack Obama
15. The ballot letters were first used-in Ancient Greece
16. Central Pollution Control Board belongs to which Ministry?Environment and Forests
17. Written by Karl Marx -Das Capitol
18. What happens in direct mortality in Switzerland?Easy Contribution (
19. How long is the Swiss President's tenure?1 year
21. The belief of Pafasism is in implementing this principleDictatorship
22. Who advocated Nazism in Germany?Adolf Hitler
23. When did the convention house adopt the national anthem?January 24, 1950
24. India's Parliament passed the Environment Protection Bill this year1986
27. Who is the appointment of the Attorney General of India?President
28. The back of the Madhya Pradesh High Court is situated- in Jabalpur