Allergic rhinitis

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allergic rhinitisinflammation of the nasal airways. symptoms= sneezing, itchy nose eyes or throat, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, and postnasal drip
for netti pot use what water?boiled, bottled, or distilled- don't use from sink.
chronic, moderate to severe rhinitis can be treated withintranasal corticosteroid- most effective. can get over the counter remember!
milder intermittent symtpms can be treted withoral antihistamine
rhinocort allergy spray OTCbudesonide. preferred for pregnancy.
flonase allergy relief OTC, flonasefluticasone.
nasacort allergy 24hr OTC, nasacort AQ
nasal steroids be careful these patientsgluacoma or recent surgery on nose-wait till healed.
nasal steroids notes.can take up to week to get full effect, shake bottle well before use, discard after total number estimated doses even if does not feel completely empty
antihistamines little effect onnasal congestion. can help itchy red eyes though and runny nose/itching
first generation antihistamines should be avoided inlactating women and children under 2 (FDA) but shouldnt use under 6 years of age for self care says
benadryl dose adults25-50mg every 4-6 hours
2nd gen antihistamine in pregnancy.if preferred, then loratidine or zyrtec least risk.
allegra, allegra D, children allegra ODT, mucinex allergyfexofenadine
alavert (claritin ODT), claritinloratidine
azelastineintranasal antihistamine. helps with congestion as well.
decongestants work byalpha adrenergic agonists - vasoconstriction - if product has D after it means pry has decongestant
Sudafed PEphenylephrine
Sudafed, nexafed, zephrex-Dpseduoephedrine
decongestatns cautionCV and uncontrolled BP, diabetes, BPH
afrinoxymetazoline- nasal decongestant. limit use to no more than 3 days to prevent rebound congestion
max dose sudafed buy one day is3.6 grams or 120 of the 30 mg tabs
max dose sudafed in one month9 grams (300 tabs) 30 day period
nasalcromintranasal cromolyn. used regularly not PRN. not ass effective otehrs but used children 2 and older and pregnant due to safety profile.
sublingual immunotherapyalternatives to allergy shots. first dose must be given doc office but subsequent can be at home with patient prescribed epi injector.