All Things Spinal Levels

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Section 1

Question Answer
Biceps tendon reflexc5-c6
Brachioradialis tendon reflexc5-c6
triceps tendon reflexc6-c7
patellar tendon reflexL3-L4
Achilles tendon reflexS1-S2
Abdominal reflexT8-L1
Corneal "blink" reflexCN 5 -trigeminal and CN 7-facial nerves (no associated spinal level)
Cremasteric ReflexL1-L2
Gag reflexCN 9- glossopharyngeal and CN 10- vagus nerves (no associated spinal level)
Plantar reflexL5-S1

Section 2

Question Answer
Reflex Grading: 0no response
Reflex Grading: 1+diminished/depressed response
Reflex Grading: 2+active normal response
Reflex Grading: 3+brisk/exaggerated response
Reflex Grading: 4+very brisk/hyperactive
This reflex is always abnormal 0
This reflex may or may not be normal1+
This reflex is normal2+
This reflex may or may not be normal3+
This reflex is always abnormal4+

Section 3

Question Answer
C1 DermatomeVertex of the Skull
C2 DermatomeTemple, Forehead, Occiput
C3 DermatomeEntire neck, posterior cheek, temporal area, prolongation forward under mandible
C4 DermatomeShoulder area, clavicular area, upper scapular area
C5 DermatomeDeltoid area, anterior aspect of entire arm to base of thumb
C6 DermatomeAnterior arm, radial side of hand to thumb and index finger
C7 DermatomeLateral arm and forearm to index, long and ring fingers
C8 DermatomeMedial arm and forearm to long, ring, and little fingers

Section 4

Question Answer
T1 DermatomeMedial side of forearm to base of little finger
T2 DermatomeMedial side of upper arm to medial elbow, pectoral and midscapular areas
T3-T12 DermatomeT3-T6, upper thorax; T5-T7, costal margin; T8-T12, abdomen and lumbar region

Section 5

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L1 DermatomeBack, over trochanter and groin
L2 DermatomeBack, front of thigh to knee
L3 DermatomeBack, upper buttock, anterior thigh and knee, medial lower leg
L4 DermatomeMedial buttock, lateral thigh, medial leg, dorsum of foot, big toe
L5 Dermatome Buttock, posterior and lateral thigh, lateral aspect of leg, dorsum of foot, medial half of sole, first, second, and third toes

Section 6

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S1 DermatomeLateral and plantar aspect of foot
S2 DermatomeButtock, thigh, and posterior leg
S3 DermatomeGroin, posteromedial thigh to knee
S4 DermatomePerineum, genitals, lower sacrum