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Aspersiondamaging derogatory criticism. Casting Aspersion on a campaign rival
Ex) of AspersionPeople cast the aspersion that Donald Trump doesn't have the political experience
Exonerateto prove that someone is not guilty of a crime or responsible for a problem
Ex) of ExonerateThe bloody gloves that Oj simpson tried on Appeared to exonerate him
Saunterto walk along in a slow and relaxed matter
Ex) of SaunterThe way that Jim, Jo Ann's husband walks
InsinuatingThe indirectly suggest/hint something that is bad
Ex) of Insinuatinga storekeeper asking a child what they have in their pocket is insinuating that the child is stealing
Peevishnesshaving irritation
Ex) of peeved when I was trying to figure out what I should do for my birthday
Chivalrican honorable and polite way of behaving especially towards women
Ex) of Chivalric to open a door for a lady

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Misgivingfeelings of doubt; a feeling that something might not work out
Ex) of MisgivingShe had misgivings about marrying him but did it anyways
Unabashednot embarrassed or ashamed
Ex) of UnabashedDonald Trump is unabashed at his crude comments
Wryexpressing dry or mocking humor; expressing a face of disgust
Ex) of WryCharlie from the dead Poet's society when he says "Its God Calling"
Broachto raise a sensitive or difficult subject for discussion
Ex) of BroachThe teacher Broached the students cheating issue with her and her parents
Relishingenjoying greatly
Ex) of RelishingThe team relished their victory
Solicitude the state of being concerned or anxious; attentive care or protection
Ex) SolicitudeThe man showed solicitude towards his friend's struggling drug problem

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Somberlygloomy; sad and depressing character/state
Ex) SomberlyThe soldier somberly gave the flag to the dead soldier's mother
IgnoramusTo be an extremely ignorant person; stupid
Ex) IgnoramusWhen Donald Trump made fun of the handicapped reporter
ReprimandTo scold a person for what they have done
Ex) ReprimandThe town Reprimanded Hester Prynne for her sin

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