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Question Answer
phentermine/topiramate qysmia - weight loss
naltrexone/bupropioncontrave- weight loss
lorcaserin belviq- weight loss. serotonin agonist
liraglutide saxenda- weight loss. GLP1 agonist
phentermine adipex p, suprenxa odt- weight loss
orlistat xenical Rx, alli otc- weight loss
loperamide imodium- IBD diarrhea
bismuth subsalicylate pepto-bismol- IBD diarrhea
diphenoxylate/atropinelomotil- IBD diarrhea
dicyclominebentyl- IBD diarrhea
budesonide capsulesentocort EC - IBD crohns first line
mesalamineIBD- ulcerative colitis. topical and oral. do not use topical in proximal disease. also used for rheumatoid arthritis once weekly.
methotrexate rheumatrex, trexal- IBD failed therapy or use in combo other drugs
adalimumab humira- ulcerative colitits and crohns disease. TNF alpha inhibitor. also used rheumatoid arthritis
infliximabremicade- ulcerative colitits and crohns disease. monoclonal antibody
certolizumabcimzia- crohns disease only. monoclonal antibody
natalizumabtysabri- cronhs patients only if failed anti-TNF therapy. integrin receptor antagonist. REMS touch program.
vedolizumabentyvio- crohns and ulcerative colitits. integrin receptor antagonist
alprostadil caverject, muse- ED injection into penis. prostaglandin E1
flibanserin addyi- hypoactive sexual desire disorder...premenopausal women only
tamsulosinflomax- BPH. selective. alpha 1 blocker
terazosin BPH, non selective. alpha 1 blocker
finasterideproscar- BPH. 5 alpha reductase inhbitor.
dutasterideavodart- BPH. 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.
oxybutynin ditropan, oxytrol (patch). inhibits binding of acetylcholine
solifenacinvesicare. overactive bladder.inhbits binding acetylcholine
zolpidemambien - insomnia. non benzo (can still get withdrawal though)
zaleplonsonata-insomnia. non benzo (can still get withdrawal)
eszopiclonelunesta- insomnia. non benzo (can still get withdrawal)
lorazepamativan- insomnia. benzo
temazepamrestoril- insomnia. benzo
pramipexolemirapex- IR for restless leg syndrome. used with requip. dopamine agonist. used for parkinsons as well
ropinirolerequip- IR for restless leg syndrome. used with mirapex. dopamine agonist. used for parkinsons as well
rotigotineneupro- patch for restless leg syndrome 1mg daily. dopamine agonist. used for parkinsons as well
gabapentin for restless leg syndromehorizant. extended release
modafinilprovigil- stimulant for narcolepsy
sodium oxybatexyrem- helps with sleep at night patients narcolepsy
levetiracetamkeppra- antiepileptic
lamotriginelamictal- antiepileptic. first line for bipolar depression. can be used for bipolar mania as maintenance therapy.
carbamazepinetegretol -antiepileptic. ther range 4-12 mcg/ml
oxcarbazepinetrileptal- antiepileptic.
valproate/valproic acid/dialproexdepakene, depacon, depakote- antiepileptic. ther range 50-100
phenytoindilantin- antiepileptic. ther range 10-20
fosphenytoin cerebyx- antiepileptic. prodrug of phenytoin. ther range 10-20
topiramatetopamax- antiepileptic
ethosuximidezarontin- antiepileptic
pregabalinlyrica- antiepileptic- more for neuropathic pain treatment
gabapentinneurontin- antiepileptic- more often used for fibromyalgia, pain, drug abuse, alcohol withdrawal
hydroxychloroquineplaquenil- rhematoid and lupus.
sulfasalazineIBD and rheumatoid arthritis
etanerceptenbrel- TNF alpha inhibitor for rhematoid arthrtis.
golimumabsimponi- TNF alpha inhibitor for rhematoid arthritis.
rituximabrituxan- non TNF biologic for rheumatoid arthiritis
mycophenolate mofetilcellcept- used in severe disease lupus
bellmumabbenlysta- lupus severe disease
interferon beta 1a avonexMS weekly
interferon beta 1a refibMS three times weekly
inteferon beta 1b betaseronMS every other day
interferon beta 1a plegridyMS every 14 days
teriflunomideaubagio- MS oral
fingolimodgilenya- MS oral- must be monitored 6 hours after first dose
alemtuzumabMS monoclonal antibody second line
pilocarpine opthalmicused for sjogrens disease dry mouth

Section 2

Question Answer
methylphenidate IRritalin- ADHD and narcolepsy
methylphenidate ERconcerta and quillivant XR (oral suspn)- ADHD and narcolpesy
methylphenidate CDmetadate CD- ADHD and narcolepsy
methylphenidate transdermal patchdaytrana
dexmethylphenidate focalin. active isomer of methylphenidate
dextroamphetamine IRdexedrine- ADHD
lisdexamfetaminevyvanse- ADHD. prodrug of dextroamphetamine
atomexetinestrattera- ADHD non stimulant. NE reuptake inhibitor
guanfacine ERintuniv- ADHD non stimulant. central alpha 2 agonist. CV effects dose dependent
clonidine ADHDkapvay- ADHD non stimulant
carbidopa/levodopasinemet- parkinsons. dopamine replacement. levodopa is a dopamine precursor
entacaponecomtan- parkinsons. COMT inhibitor. only used with levodopa
donepezilaricept- dementia. acetylcholinesterase inhibitor
rivastigmineexelon, exelon patch- dementia. acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. patch decrease GI side effects
galantaminerazadyne- dementia. acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
memantinenamenda-dementia. NMDA inhibitor. used alone or with donepezil mod to severe dementia.
haloperidolhaldol, deconaote- first generation antipsychoitic. decanoate is monthly IM. blocks dopamine
clozapineclozaril- second gen antipsychoitic. blocks dopamine and serotonin
olanzapinezyprexa- second gen antipsychoitic, used bipolar too. blocks dopamine and serotonin
paliperidoneinvega- second gen antipsychoitic. blocks dopamine and serotonin
quetiapineseroquel- second gen antipsychoitic, used bipolar too. blocks dopamine and serotonin
risperidonerisperdal-second gen antipsychoitic, used bipolar too. blocks dopamine and serotonin
ziprasidonegeodon- second gen antipsychoitic, used bipolar too. blocks dopamine and serotonin
aripiprazoleabilify. second gen antipsychoitic, used in bipolar too. dopamine and serotonin partial agonist.
lithiumlithobid- bipolar. ther range 0.6 to 1.2 meq/L
asenapine saphris- second gen antipsychotic used in bipolar
lurasidonelatuda- second gen anti used in bipolar
buspironebuspar- anxiety...less sedating but dizziness. preg cat B no abuse potential.
fluoextine + olanzapinesymbyax- depression
desvenlafaxinepristiq- depression
bupropionwellbutrin- depn. dopamine and ne reuptake inhibitor
mirtazapineremeron- depn. dopamine and ne reuptake inhibitor
doxepinTCA for depression
isocarboxazidmarplan- MOAI for depression
phelzinenardil- MOAI for depression
tranyclpromaineparnate- MAOI for depression
colesevelamwelchol - bile acid sequestrant for cholesterol
gemfibrozillopid- ppar alpha activator for cholesterol
fenofibrate/fenofibric acidppar alpha activator for cholesterol.
niacin extended releaseniaspan- cholesterol. vitamin b3.
omega 3 acid ethyl esterslovaza- cholesterol
alirocumabpraluent- pcsk9 monoclonal antibody for cholesterol
evolocumabrepatha- pcsk9 monoclonal antibody for cholesterol

Section 3

Question Answer
losartain/hctzhyzaar- BP
olmesartan/hctzbenicar htcz- BP
lisinopril/hctzprinzide, zestoretic- BP
valsartan/hctzdiovan hctz- BP
bisoprolol/hctzziac- BP
chlorthalidonethiazide diuretic bp
hctzthiazide diuretic bp
amlodipinenorvasc- dihydropyridine CCB for bp
nifedepinedihydropyridine CCB for bp. do not use for acute bp reduction! used for reynauds as well
nicardipine ivcardene iv- dihydropyridine CCB for bp
diltiazemnon-dihydropyridine CCB - moreso used for arrthymias but can be used for bp. no use in HF
verapamilnon-dihydropyridine CCB - moreso used for arrthymias but can be used for bp . no use in HF
benazeprillotensin. ACEI- bp and HF
enalaprilvasotec. ACEI- bp and hf
lisinoprilzestril. prinivil. ACEI bp and hf
quinaprilaccupril. ACEI bp and hf
ramiprilaltace. ACEI bp and hf
irbesartan avapro. ARB bp and hf
losartancozaar. ARB. bp and hf
olmesartanbenicar. ARB. bp and hf
valsartandiovan. ARB. bp and hf
spironolactonealdactone. potassium sparing diuretic. hf and bp (not effective as monotherapy)
triamaterenedyreneium. potassium sparing diuretic. hf and bo (not effective as monotherapy)
atenololtenormin. beta blocker selective
metoprolol/metoprolol succinatelopressor/toprol xl beta blocker selective. toprol xl heart failure
esmololbeta blocker selective. bp, stable angina
bisoprololbeta blocker selective. bp, stable angina, heart failure
propranololinderal LA, innopran xl- beta blocker nonselective, bp and stable angina
carvedilolcoreg. beta and alpha blocker not selective. bp and stable angina and heart failure
labetololtrandate. beta and alpha blocker not selective. bp and stable angina
nebivololbystolic. beta blockade and nitric oxide dilation. bp and stable angina
clonidine for bpcatapress. centrally acting alpha 2 agonist for bp. patch used weekly
hydralazinedirect vasodilator for bp.
isosorbide mononitratemonoket, imdur - stable angina
furosemidelasix- loop diuretic hf
ethacrynic acidedecrin- loop diuretic hf
sacubitril/valsartanentresto - heart failure
hydralazine/isosorbide dinitratebidil- heart failure. black patients hf 3-4 class. used as alternative white people no able handle ACEI or ARB due to poor renal function. must have the two together to get mortality benefit.
digoxindigitek, digox, lanoxin- heart failure. ther range 0.5 to 0.9 ng/ml
mannitolosmitrol- osmotic diureis for hemmorhagic stroke.
nimodipinehemmorhagic stroke.
alteplase for strokeactivase. tpa converts plasminogen to plasmin for ischemic stroke. must be within 3 hrs symptom onset...4.5 hrs some patients. max 90mg iv 10% over first minute.

Section 4

Question Answer
sucralfatecarafate- GERD adjunct or for peptic ulcer disease
metoclopramidereglan- dopamine antagonist. enhanced motility GI
timolol opthalmictimoptic- glaucoma first line
travoprost travatan z- prostaglandin analog gluacoma- has diff preservative than others
bimatroprostlumigan- prostaglandin analog gluacoma
latanoprostxalatan- prostaglandin analog gluacoma
dorzolamidetrusopt- carbonic anhydrase inhib glaucoma- add on therapy
dorzolamide + timololcospot- carbonic anhydrase inhib glaucoma plus beta blocker
brimonidinealphagon P- alpha 2 agonist gluacuoma
brimonidine + timololcombigan- alpha 2 agonist and beta blocker glaucoma
scopolamine patchtransderm scop for motion sickness
meclizinebonine- motion sickness
promethazinemotion sickness. do not use children
tretinoin creamretin A- acne first line treatment retinoid
adapalene creamdifferin- acne first line treatment retinoid
benzamycinerythromycin + benzoyl peroxide acne
duacclindamycin + benzoyl peroxide acne
finasteride for hair losspropecia. females should not handle
lubiprostoneamitizia- constipation
alvimopanentereg- constipation. only for hospitazlied patients prior to surgery. peripheral mu receptor antagonist.
eluxadolineviberzil. mu opioid agonist for diarrhea (IBS with diarhea)
ferrous gluconate, sulfate, fumurate, carbonyl iron, anemia iron oral
iron sucrose ivvenofer
ferumoxytol iv ironferaheme
cyanocabalaminb12 oral, im, deep subq
epotein alfaepogen, procrit. hg less than go past 11
darbopoteinaranesp. hg less than go past 11.
eltrombopagpromacta. severe aplastic anemia.
amiodarone cordarone, pacerone, nexterone. rythm control for arrythmia. drug of choice patients heart failure
abciximabreopro - ACS, glycoprotein antagonist
eptifibatideintergrilin- ACS, glycoprotein antagonist
clopidogrelplavix. p2y12 inhibitor ACS
prasugreleffient. p2y12 inbhiitor ACS. managed PCI only patients. dont use history TIA or stroke**
ticagrelorbrilinta- p2y12 inhibotor ACS.
cangrelorkengreal. p2y12 inhibitor ACS intravenous
alteplase for ACStpa- administer within 30 mins arrival hospital. 100mg iv over 1.5 hrs
tenecteplase for ACSTNKase. ACS. administer within 30 mins hospital arrival.

Section 5

Question Answer
acetaminophen ivoffirmiv
diclofenacvoltaren. nsaid. no use childbearing age, patch available
piroxicamfeldene. nsaid. used when other nsaids failed. high risk gi toxicity
ketorolactoradol. nsaid. only up to 5 days use
nabumetonensaid. cox 2 selective
meloxicammobic. cox 2 seelctive nsaid.
oxymorphoneopana. opiod. take empty stomach
meperidinedemerol. opiod
tapentadolnucynta- like tramadol
baclofenlioresal- muscle relaxant
cyclobenzaprineflexeril, fexmid- muscle relaxant.
tizanidinezanaflex- muscule relaxant.
carisprodolsoma- exert effects by sedation for pain
methocarbamolrobaxin- exert effects sedation for pain
milnacipransavella- SNRI for fibromyalgia only
colchicinecolcrys- gout tx and prophylaxis
allopurinolzyloprim- xanthine oxidase inhibitor gout prophylaxis. takes 3-6 mo work
probenacid2nd line agent gout prophylaxis, must have good renal function.
ipratropium bromideatrovent hfa- anticholinergic short acting
iptraprotium plus albuterolcombivent respimat- anticholinergic short acting
glycopyyrolate seebri neohaler- long acting anticholinergic
glycpyyrolate + indacaterolubibron neohaler- long acting anticholinergic and long acting beta 2 agonist
tiotropium sprivia- long acting anticholinergic
tiotripium + olodaterolstiolto respimat - long acting anticholinergic + long acting beta 2
salmeterol + fluticasoneadvair- asthma and copd
formoterol + budesonidesymbicrot- asthma and copd
indaceteral arcapta neohaler- long acting beta 2 agonist
beclomethasone hfaqvar. does not have to be shaken- asthma
fluticasoneflovent hfa- asthma
montelukastsingulair- luekotriene receptor antagonist for asthma
theophyllinephosphodiesterase inhibitor for asthma may help as add on therapy. ther range 5-15 mcg/ml
omalizumabxolair- asthma for mod severe inhibits igE binding mast cells
mepolizumab nucala- asthma interluekin 5 receptor antagonist. eosinophilic type asthma iGe patients

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