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quarantee the loanv phr, if you quarantee someone's loan, you formally promise to accept the responsibility for paying the mony back if the person fails to pay it; ZYRANTOWANIE POZYCZKI
invoicen, a document that lists things provided or work done, gives their cost, and asks for payment; FAKTURA
joint ownersn phr, two or more people who own something; WSPÓLWLASCICIELE
market sectorn phr, a part of an industry or a group of customers, products etc. that are similar in some way; SEKTOR RYNKU
meet monthly repaymentsv phr, to have enough money to pay amounts you owe every month; SPLATA RATALNA MIESIECZNA
partnershipn, an agreement between orgasiations, people, etc. to work together; PARTNERSTWO
principal paymentn phr, a payment made to pay back all or part of loan, rather than to pay interest on the loan
profit potentialn phr, something that is able to develop into earning money in the future when the necessary conditions exist; POTENCJALNY ZYSK


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prosperv, to be or become successful, especially financially; PROSPEROWAC
recessionn, a period, usually at least six month, of low ecnomic activity, when investments lose value, businesses fail, and unemployment rises; KRYZYS, RECESJA zmniejszenie aktywnosci
savingspl n, money that you keep, usually in a bank account, instead of spending it; OSZCZEDNOSCI
ship in phr v, to send something, usually a large object or a large quantity of objects or people, to a place far away; PRZEOWZIC COS DALEKO
track backphr v, to record the pogress or development of something over a period of past time; SLEDZIC WYNIKI WCZESNEJSZE



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at current exchange ratesn , at the rate at which the money of one country can be changed for the money of another country at the present time, według bieżących kursów walutowych
award a contractv phr, to have a formal agreement with a company for them to provide a service or do a job, zaakceptować umowę o współpracę
commissionv, to ask someone to do a particular piece of work for you, zlecać komuś prace
course of actionn phr, the way something happens, or a way of doing something, bieg zdarzeń
cross-fertilisation of ideasn phr, the mixing of the ideas of different places or gropus of people, to make it better for all, burza mózgów
cutting edge technologyn phr, the practica, especially industrial, use of all the latest scientific discoveries, najnowocześniejsza technologia


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divisional headn, a person who is in charge of one part of a large organisation, szef działu
enjoy a reputationv phr, to have an advantage because people have a good opinion of someone or something, cieszyć się dobra reputacja
entityn, something which exists apart from other things, having its own independent existence, jednostka/podmiot
get downv phr, to start to direct your efforts and attention towards something, zacząć/ brać się za cos
get ontophr v, to speak or write to a person or organisation because you want them to help you in some way, zglaszac się do kogoś/wsiąść się za coś
ground-breakingadj, new and likely to have an effect on how things are done in the future, przełomowe


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head upphr v, to lead or manage a team, department, organisation, etc, zarządzać
infrastructuren, the basic systems and services that are needed in order to support an economy, for example, transport and communication systems and electricity and water supplies, infrastruktura
interested partyn phr, any people or organisations who may be affected bya situation, or who are hoping to make money out of a situation, strona zainteresowana
leasen, an agreement to pay money in order to use land, a building, a vehicle or a piece of equipment for a particular period of time, wynajem/najem
on a world scaleadv phr, used to measure or compare the level of something around the world, w skali światowej
purpose-built facility n phr, a building or area that is designed and built for a particular use,OBIEKTY SPECJALNEGO PRZEZNACZENIA


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R&D facilityn phr, a building or area for research and development (= the part of an organisation that works to improve its products and develop new ones, or the activity of doing this);
rank highestv phr, to have a position that is higher than others, or to be considered to have such a position; BYC WYSOKO W RANKINGACH
run a growing operationv phr, be in control of or manage a business organisation that is getting bigger; KONTROLOWAC ORGANIZACJA ROZWIJAJACA SIE
step across the thresholdv phr, formal, to go into a building or room; FORMALNIE PRZEKROCZYC PROG
tax questionn phr, a sentence or phrase used to find out information about money paid to the government; ZAGADNIENIE PODATKOWE
too many strings attachedn phr, if something such as an agreement has too many strings attached, it involves too large a number of special demands or limits; ZBYT SKOMPLIKOWANA NP UMOWA
viable alternativen phr, something that is different from somethingelse, especially from what is usual, but is able to be done or likely to succed; ALTERNATYWNY

Section 1

Question Answer
TrademarkZnak firmowy
Gross revenuePrzychód brutto
Supply chainŁańcuch dostaw

Section 2

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Chain storySieciowka
Raise financePozyskiwać środki pieniezne
Borrow moneyPożyczać pieniadze
Carry out market researchPrzeprowadzać rozeznanie
Launch a companyUruchomić firme
Repay a loanSpłacić kredyt
Cover overheadsPokryć koszty ogolne

Section 3

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Forecast salePrognoza sprzedazy
Market rateKursy rynkkowy
Major Intenational airportDuże międzynarodowe lotnisko


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advance their careerv phr, to do things that help them to progress to better jobs and become successful; ROZWIJAC SWOJA KARIERĘ
brainstormv, to meet in group to suggest a lot of new ideas very quickly, with the intention of considering them more carefully later; BURZA MÓZGÓW
breakdown of costsn phr, a division of how money needs to be spent, so that you can see all the details; PODZIAŁ KPOSZTÓW
credibleadj, able to be believed or trusted; WIARYGODNY
demandn, a need for goods or services that customers want to buy/use; POPYT
dry upphr v, to stop being able to talk in the normal way; ZANIEMÓWIĆ


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handoutn, a document containing information that is given to people at a meeting or other event; MATERIAŁY INFORMACYJNE
mannerismn, something that a person does repeatedly with their face, hands or voice, and which they may not realise they are doing, MANIERYZM
outline a requirementv phr, to give the main facts about something that you need; ZARYS WYMOGÓW
potential returnn phr, the amounty of profit made by an investment or a business activity that is able to grow in the future; POTENCJALNY ZWROT/ ZAROBEK KTÓRY MOZNA ROZMNOZYC
findingn, information or a fact that is discovered by studying something; ODKRYCIE
feel freev phr, if someone tells you to feel free to do something, they mean that you can do it if you want to; NIE KRĘPUJ SIĘ


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promptv, words that help people to remember what they are going to say; NAMAWIAĆ
reduce anxietyv phr, to make uncomfortable feelings of nervousness smaller in degree; ZMNIEJSZYĆ LĘK
rehearsev, to practise a play, a piece of music, etc. in order to prepare it for public performance; ODBYWAĆ PRÓBY/ ĆWICZYĆ
sound investmentv phr, when you put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit in a way that shows good judgement; INWESTOWAC