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Question Answer
What is a silent barter?A process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
What do historians think about the first people of Ghana?Historians thought they were farmers.
What two things were made from iron?Farming tools and weapons.
Whose strength grew over time?Ghana's military.
What did rulers use the taxes for?Rulers used the taxes to support Ghana's growing army.
After Sundiata had conquered Ghana, what did he gain control of?Salt and gold trades.
What new crop did Sundiata introduce to Mali?Cotton.
According to Malian beliefs, their ancestors made an agreement with the spirits; what did the spirits agree to?The spirits agreed to make sure that the land provided plenty of food.
What year did Sundiata die?1255.
What did Mansa Musa do on the year 1324.He left Mali on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
From where did Muslims come to visit Mali?Asia, Egypt, and other parts of Africa.
Why did the people of Songhai rise up against Mali?They rose up against Mali because Mali's government grew weaker.
When did Sunni Ali become ruler of Songhai?1464
How was Songhai before Sunni Ali?Songhai was disorganized and poorly run.
As ruler, what did Sunni Ali do?He worked to constantly unify,strengthen,and enlarge it.
What year did Sunni Ali?1492
What is oral history?Oral history is a spoken record of past events.
What is griots?Griots are West African storytellers.
What are proverbs?Proverbs are short sayings of wisdom or truth.
What were the Dausi and Sundiata about?The Dausi was about the history of Ghana and the Sundiata was about the history of Mali and Sundiata.