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Algebraic expressionan expression consisting of one or more numbers and variables along with one or more arithmetic operations
variablesymbols used to represent unspecified numbers or values
terma number, a variable, a product, or quotient of numbers and variables
factorIn an expression, the quantities being multiplied are called factors
productIn an algebraic expression, the result of being multiplied is called the product
poweran expression of the form x^n, read x to the Nth power
exponentIn an expression of the form x^n, the exponent is n. It indicates the number of times x is used as a factor
baseIn an expression of the form x^n, the base is x

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evaluate to find the value of an expression
Order of operations1.)evaluate inside grouping symbols 2.)evaluate all powers 3.)all multiplication or division-left to right 4.)all addition- left to right
positive numberany value greater than 0
negative numberany value less than 0
natural numbera set of positive numbers used for counting {1,2,3...}
whole numbersa set of natural numbers and 0
integersthe set of whole numbers and their opposites Z
rational numbersa set of numbers expressed in the form of a fraction * designated by the letter Q = quotient
irrational numbersdecimals don't repeat or terminate
real numbersrational and irrational numbers( whole number set)
square rootone or two equal factors of a number
principal square rootsquare root is positive rational
perfect squaresquare root is rational

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