Algebra 1-6

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Section 1

Question Answer
Coordinate systemthe grid formed by the intersection of 2 number lines, the horizontal axis and the vertiical axis
Coordinate planethe plane containing the x and y axis
X- axisthe horizontal number line on the coordinate plane
Y- axisthe vertical number line on the coordinate plane
Originthe point where the two axes intersect at the zero point
Ordered pairsA set of numbers or coordinates used to locate any point on a coordinate plane, written in the form (x,y)
X- coordinatethe first number in an ordered pair
Y- coordinate the second number in an ordered pair
RelationA set of ordered pairs
MappingIllustrates how each element of the domain is paired with an element in the range
Domainthe set of the first numbers (x- coordinate) of the ordered pairs in a relation. D={ }
Rangethe set of second numbers ( y- coordinates) of the ordered pairs in a relation. R={ }
Independent variablethe variable in a function with a value that is subject to choice
Dependent variablethe variable in a relation with a value that depends on the value of the independent variable
RELATIONS REPRESENTED IN 4 WAYStable, coordinate plane, map, set of ordered pairs

Section 2

Question Answer
Functiona relation in which each element of the domain is paired with exactly one element of the range
Discrete functiona function of the points that are not connected
Continuous functiona function that can be graphed with a line or a smooth curve
Vertical line testif any vertical line passes through no more than one point of the graph of a relation, then the relation is a function
Function notationa way to name a function that is defined by an equation. In function notation, the equation y=3x-8 is written as f(x)= 3x-8
Nonlinear functiona function with a graph that is not a straight line