Alg2 Final Exam key vocab

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Semester 2 Algebra 2 Final exam vocabulary

These are the terms you should be familiar with to take the final exam.


Question Answer
Cubic functionf(x)=x^3 Domain and Range are all real numbers
Degree of polynomialGreatest exponent in the polynomial
Vertex of a parabolaThe min or max of a parabola
Parabolathe u-shaped graph of a quadratic function
Square root functiony=sqrt(x) domain {x>=0} range {y>=0}
Radicalan expression with a square root, cube root etc.
Squaredan expression with an exponent of 2
Absolute value functionf(x)=abs(x) v-shaped graph domain x is all real numbers range {y>=0}
Asymptotea dashed line that a graph can approach but not touch
ExponentThe smaller number above a base which indicates how many times that base is multiplied by itself
Natural loglogarithm with base e (e is the natural number e~2.1878...)
domain of a functionthe set of all permissible inputs (x-values)
range of a functionthe set of all permissible outputs (y-values)
Simplifycombine like terms, reduce fractions, pull out all perfect squares from a square root
Isolateget on one side of the = sign all alone
Describe all 4 transformations1) flip 2) stretch 3) right/left 4) up/down
Solveget variable equal to a numeric value
Least common denominator (LCD)the smallest common multiple of the denominators
Quadratic functiony=x^2 domain all real numbers, range {y> min or y< max}