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Question Answer
alcohol begins to impair ______ after _____ drinksreaction time, balance, and coordination; two or three
alcohol effects the ability to ____, and judge distance; vision
___ % of alcohol is oxidized by the ____90; liver
the other 10 percent is eliminated in ___breath, urine, and sweat
BAC is determined through (7):Quantity consumed, body weight, food eaten, how quickly drinks were consumed, presence of others drugs, gender, age
BAC after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 drinks.02, .05, .07, .09, .12, .14, .16
illegal for Bac of.08
young people illegal BAc of.01
With BAC of .05, risk doubles
With BAC of .10risk x6
With BAC of .15risk x25
Equal drink sizes1.5 of hard liquor, 12 of beer, 5 of wine
1.5 ounces of liquor contains....5 ounce of liquor
NJ has the ______ campaignhero campaign for designated driver
marijuana effectsloss of tracking ability, distance judgement, vigilance, divided attention
depressants aredrugs that slow down central nervous system and body reactions
type of alcohol in liquor beer & wineethanol
percent of alcohol in beer3-6%; fermented grains or barley
percent of alcohol in wine12-14%; fermented grapes
percent of alcohol in liquor40-50%; distilled grains, fruits
proof is ____ as high as alcohol %twice
80- proof liquor is40% alcohol
liver can metabolize ____ an hour which is turned into ____.5 ounces an hour; water
scar tissue that damages the liver is calledcirrhosis
____% of alcohol enters the blood stream through the walls of the stomach20%
____ people die a year of alcohol poisoning5000
BAc is measured in mg of ethanol per 100 ml of blood
bac can be tested usingbreathalyzer, blood, and urine tests
____ teens die in drunk car crashes each year; ___ people a day12000; 33
____% of fatal crashes involve alcohol50
marijuana is a _____, ____, and a _______depressant, stimulatant,or hallucinigenic drug
main ingredient in mari.thc
average amount of thc3%
marijuana and other drugs from the hemp plantcannabis