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What is the onset and peak of minor withdrawal sx?onset 6-12hrs; peak 24-36hrs of last ingestion & resolves in 48hrs
What are the manifestations of minor EtOH withdrawal?N/V, hand tremor, mild anxiety, HA, insomnia, alcoholic hallucinosis (12-24hrs & resolves 24-48hrs)
What is the onset of seizures in severe EtOH withdrawal? appear 6-48 hrs of last ingestion. Part of withdrawal progression; majority terminate spontaneously
What is the onset and resolution of hallucinations in severe EtOH withdrawal?12-24hrs of last ingestion; may be visual, auditory, or tactile; lasts for days but usually resolves 24-48hrs
What is the onset of delirium tremens and what sx does it include?48-72hrs after last ingestion; can cause death due to arrhythmias; cognitive dysfunction may last 4-12wks; includes: Global confusion, disorientation, agitation, tachycardia, increased temp, resp insufficiency, severe dehydration
What is the treatment for delirium tremens? VS, assessment using CIWA scale and admin lorazepam (ativan) or diazepam (valium) according to CIWA scale