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Question Answer
circumferencec=2 pi r or c=pi d
area of squareA=s square
area of triangleA=1/2 BH
area of parellelogramA=BxH
area of trapeziodA=1/2 HCB1 + D2
area of circleA=pi r square
radiusA line segment from edge of circle to center of circle.
diameterline segment from edge to edge going through the center of the circle.
complementary anglesline segments when added equal 90 degrees
area of rectangleA=LxW or BxH
supplementary anglesTwo angles that equal 180 degree.
adjust anglestwo angles that are next to each other. they share a vertex.
volume of cubev=LxWxH
volume of rectangular prismV=LxWxH
volume of cylinderAREA x HEIGHT= PI r square
volume of sphere4/3 pi r third power
surface area of a square3+3+3+3+3+3
surface area of a rectangular prism2x+2b+2c
surface area of a triangular prism2(2x5) +2(5x10)+2(2x10)
peirmeter of a trianglep=5,75 square + 53
perimeter of a rectanglep=2L+2W
perimeter of a squareP=4s