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AAPAft Attendant Panel
ACMAdditional Crew member
ACPArea Call Panels
AEDAutomated External Defibrillator
AIPAttendant Indication Panel
APUAuxiliary Power Unit
ASAPAviation Safety Action Program
AVA Available for reassignment
AFTThe back of the aircraft (towards the tail)
AgentAn employee who handles the ground phases of the flight
Air SpeedThe velocity of the aircraft

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AltimeterGauge that measures the height of an aircraft above see level expressed in ft
ATAscent Member of early returns program
ATCAir Traffic Control
Bid Period a block of time, usually a calendar month
Block TimePeriod of time beginning when the aircraft moves off blocks until the aircraft blocks in to the gate at the next point of landing
Bid Montha month of flying, also referred to as bid period
buddy bidwhen two crew members of the same position and base wish to fly identical schedules including trips and days off
Blukheadany diving wall in an aircraft
bumpto remove a passanger due to weight/balance or oversale
Cabinthe interior of the aircraft containing passengers seats
capitainThe pilot in command (PIC) wears four strips on uniform
ceiling the distance between the ground and the underside of the clouds
chartera flight where the aircraft and crew are leased by a group or company
circlingflying in a set pattern until cleared to land also called holding
connectiontraveling from origination to destination with a change of aircraft
CDOContinuous duty overnight, a single duty period that crosses over two says with a reduced rest requiring a day room "stand up"
CSICabin Safety Inspector

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Deadhead (DH)transportation at company direction to or from a duty assignment
Delayed flighta flight operating behind schedule due to weather, mechanicals, etc
DHDDeadheading crew
DRPAwarded trip drop request
Direct Flightflights between two cites with more than one leg on the same aircraft
deplane passengers leaving the aircraft
Divea steep descent
Domicile a base where flight crew resides
DOTDepartment of transportation
Downlinebeing away from the home base or domicile
duty daya calendar day in which a duty period begins/ends and all calendar days
duty period actual time the FA reports to duty until the FA is released
ECAMElectronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
EAAPEnhanced Aft Attendant Panel
EFAPEnhanced Forward Attendant Panel
EMKEmergency Medical Kit

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EMRemergency drop, trip drop approved by an inflight manager in an emergency situation that does not qualify under existing benefits in the employee manual
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETDEstimated Time of Departure
Enplane (Board)Passengers boarding the A/C
FAFlight Attendant
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
FAPForward Attendant Panel
Ferry A flight operating without reserve passengers
Flight DeckThe Cockpit
FOFirst Officer- has three stripes
FWDFront of the aircraft
FNRFuneral Leave
FuselageThe body of the aircraft not including the wings
GalleySmall, designated area containing food and beverage service items
Gatearea where passengers check in before boarding
GroundedA/C unable to take off due to weather or mechanical difficulties
Ground Speedthe speed of the A/C with reference to the surface of the earth
Ground TimeTime spent down-line in between flights
GSCGround Security Coordinator
Half-weightA child 2-11 yrs old whose weight is computed at 85 lbs for the manifest
holdinga flight preparing to land, take-off, or wait for an available gate
inboundpassenger or flight coming into a station

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ILSInstrument Landing System
IOEInitial Operating Experience
International DatelineImaginary line on the east separating two consecutive calendar days
JetwayWalkway connecting the gate area and the aircraft
jumpseatcollapsible seat designated for crewmemeber and/or ACM
JRAJunior Assignment, A crew member involuntarily placed on duty assignment on a schedule day off
KnotVelocity of one nautical mile per hour
LS L/SLate Show
LSCLate Sick Call
Layovertime spent down-line in between flights
Lega flight segment- example: Den-ABQ-ELP is two legs
LEO Law enforcement office
Line holder a crew memeber that has been awarded a line or assigned a line of time
Misconnect To miss a connecting flight due to late arrival at the connecting station
MRTManuel Release Tool
MT ( M/T)Missed Trip
No showpassenger with a confirmed reservation that does not arrive for the flight
no-opflight cancelled - will not operate
NTSBNational Transportation Safety Board
Offline Stationa city not serviced by an airline on a scheduled basis
Open Time Sequences or portions of sequences that remain unassigned after the bid awards and monthly adjustments
operationsthe company department at DIA, responsible for monitoring all ground

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Overhead binan enclosed compartment located above passenger seats for stowage of luggage
Per Diem money paid to a crew member for time away from base
PAX Passenger
PBTPassenger board total
PBEProtective Breathing equipment
POBPortable Oxygen bottle
POIPrincipal Operations inspector
Pass on Pay (POP)Awarded trip drop request
PSUPassenger Service Unit
RampThe concrete aircraft parking area at the terminal building
Recurrent training recurrent ground school (RGS). FAA required annual training
Red Eyelast scheduled flight arriving in the scheduled destination the following day
Reserve A crew member available on a 24 hour call
R-DayReserve day, a day of availability for sequence assignment or other company duty
Rest Period The period of time free of all company duty between scheduled duty periods
report timethe time a crew member is scheduled to check-in prior to flight assignment
RONRemain Over Night
RunwayThe area an aircraft uses for landing and take-off

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SK (SIC)Sick Call
SMSSafety Managment System
Sequence a series of segments over one or more days, that ends with legal rest in domicile
SpinnerA passenger up in the aisle during boarding without a seat assignment
STSummit Member of Early Returns Program
Stand-upif a legal rest period is 8 hours or less, the flight is considered a stand up or continuous duty
StationA city serviced regularly by frontier airlines
StowTo secure
Swap trip trade with open time
Taxito move an aircraft, under its own power, on the ground
terminationthe station where a flight makes its final stop
taxiwaypaved areas connecting the ramp on the runway
thur passengera passenger who remains on board during an intermediate stop
turbulence rough, bumpy, or choppy air
UMNRUnaccompanied minor
UTCUnable to Contact
WILWilling to Fly list

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