Airline Terminology

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Question Answer
A/C (Aircraft)A vehicle that can fly, such as an airplane, helicopter or glider
ACMAdditional Crew Member (Jumpseat Rider)
AFTThe back of the airplane
AgentA company employee concerned with the handling of ground phases of flight operations
Air CarrierA commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
AirfoilAny surface, such as an airplane wing, designed to obtain reaction from the air through which it moves
Air PocketA condition in the atmosphere that can cause an airplane to loose altitude quickly
Air SpeedThe velocity of an aircraft
AlienA non-U.S. Citizen
ATLAlternated Airport
AltimeterThe instrument used to measure the height of an aircraft above sea level, usually expressed in feet
AltitudeThe height of which the aircraft flies above sea level
AOG Aircraft on Ground (Grounded due to Maintenance)
Apollo The name of the airline reservation computer system used by GoJet Airline
ATC (Air Traffic Control)The control of local air traffic in the vicinity of an airport by the FAA
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)A separate engine on board the aircraft that provides power to the entire aircraft
BankTo incline the aircraft at an angle while turning left or right/ A number of flights leaving a Hub city during a short period of the time
Beverage CartTrolley used to roll down the aisle to serve beverages to the customer
Bid HolderA flight attendant awarded a line of flying for a particular month
Bid Sheet A form used to bid on a line for flying for a particular month
Block-To-BlockA time interval, beginning when the aircraft pulls away from the gate at departure city and ending when the aircraft comes to a complete stop at the gate of the arrival city
Boarding PassThe document provided to the passenger that permits the passenger to board the aircraft and claim a specific seat. Not all airlines issue boarding passes.
Bow (Basic Operating Weight)The weight of the empty aircraft, plus the weight of the crew, fuel, oil, necessary publications
BulkheadA term used to define any dividing wall in the cabin of an aircraft
BumpThe practice of denying boarding to confirmed passenger on an overbooked flight
CabinThe interior of an aircraft where the passengers are seated
Cancelled FlightAn originally scheduled flight that is eliminated (cancelled) due to poor weather conditions, mechanical trouble, or lack of equipment
CAPT or CA (Captain)Pilot who is in command of the flight and sits in the left seat in the cockpit. The captain's uniform jacket has 4 strips on the end of the sleeves
Carry-On BaggageSmall personal items passengers are electing to carry in the cabin of the aircraft during flight. GoJet Limits two per passenger.
Ceiling Term used by to refer to the distance from the ground to the underside of the clouds
CRF (Code of Federal Regulations)CRF's are the rules that govern the aviation industry (Airlines, Pilots, Flight Attendants, Maintenance) Strict adherence to CER's is mandatory
Charter FlightAircraft and crew are leased by a group or company for an unscheduled flight
ChocksBlocks placed in front of and behind aircraft tires to prevent aircraft from rolling in the ramp gate area
City CodeA 3 letter designation given to airport cities
City PairDeparture and arrival cities
CockpitThe area of the aircraft where the pilot sits (Flight deck)
Comail/ComatCompany mail/Company Materials
ConcourseArea of the terminal building where gates are located. Aircraft arrive and depart from the gate and deplane and load passengers.
Connection/Connecting FlightFlights requiring a change of aircraft at some intermediate point before arriving at the final destination. This change can be either online or interline. Also referred to as "transfer"
Crew RestThe rest period required by crew after a completed trip
Crew SchedulingThe department responsible for assigning and keeping track of all flight crews
DBADoing Business As
DeadheadTransportation of a crew member from one point to another to cover a trip or return to home base
DelayA flight that is operating later than scheduled
DestinationUltimate stopping place which a journey concludes
Direct FlightA flight which may make an intermediate stop or stops before reaching its final destination but requires no change of aircraft
DiveA Steep decent
DomicileThe city (station) where the crew member is based
DOT (Department of Transportation)The government agency that governs economic concerns of the transportation industry
DownlineThe next station or stations in line of the flight's scheduled routing
EquipmentThe actual aircraft
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)The time estimated for the aircraft to arrive
ETD (Estimated Time of Departure)The time estimated for the aircraft to depart
F/A (Flight Attendant)A person who assists passengers in safety and service onboard any aircraft that seats 20 or more.
F/A JumpseatCollapsible seat in the cabin for the flight attendant to sit during takeoff and landing
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) The government agency that regulates the safety of airline operations through specific Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs)
Ferry FlightA flight operated without revenue passengers, cargo or mail. A ferry flight is flown to move the aircraft to a different city either to begin a flight or to undergo maintenance
FlightThe movement of an air