Airline Terminology Related to Places & Things

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Board Mailsupplies, correspondence, equipment, etc shipped within the company from one station or department to another.
Charter Flightsflights that are operating with a sports team or group that have exclusive use of the aircraft and are isolated from the general public.
Crew Resource Management / Threat & Error Management (CRM/TEM)interaction of flight crewmembers with the use of teamwork and other skills to ensure standard procedures and communication signals are used at all times.
Continuing Qualification (CQ)annual training all flight attendants most attend. In CQ flight attendants review and are evaluated on all safety and security responsibilities.
Decompressioneither a slow or rapid release of air pressure from the cabin
Evacuation (Evac)term used to describe the quickest and most orderly method to exit customers from an aircraft in an emergency situation.
Extra Sectionan additional flight, operating the same route as a regularly scheduled flight, to accommodate customers
Ferry Flightto transfer an aircraft from one point to another, without customers