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CRJ 200Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet- 50 passengers; one-class cabin.
CRJ 700(69 PAX)Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet- 69 passengers; 9 first class, 16 Delta Comfort+ seats,and 44 Main Cabin Seats
CRJ 700(70 PAX-AE)Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet- 70 passengers; 6 first class, 16 Main Cabin Extra seats, 48 coach seats
CRJ 700 (70 PAX-UAX)Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet- 70 passengers; 6 Class seats, 16 Economy Plus seats, and 48 Economy seats.
CRJ 900 (76 PAX)Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet- 76 passengers; 12 first class, 12 Delta Comfort+ seats, and 52 Main Cabin seats
ERJ 175Embraier Regional Jet- 76 passengers; 12 first class seats and 64 Main cabin/Economy seats.
Ground InsructorFlight attendant who teaches training courses or performs IOE and line checks.
Lead InstructorConducts IOE training and administers line checks.
Line HolderA flight attendant whose schedule entitles him/her to hold a schedule built by the company.
DeadheadingTransportation of a crew member from one point to another in order to cover a trip or return to base.
InFlight operationsThe team assigned to hire, train and manage flight attendants and handle the flight aspects of each flight.

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ObserverCheck airman, FAA inspectors, pilots and other individuals authorized to occupy the flight deck jumpseat.
Ready ReserveThe time spent by a reserve crew member on stand-by status at an airport designated by the Company
Reserve Statusthe 12 hour block of time as indicated on the schedule that a reserve line holder must be available to work.
Reserve LineA schedule built by the company utilizing PBS indicating reserve availability periods, assignments and days off.
User TimeThe time spent away from work, usually used for illness.
Crew Resource ManagementEffective utilization and communication with all resources to achieve safe, efficient flight operations.
Crew SupportThe group that assigns flight attendants to trips abased upon need.
Intermediate StopA scheduled stop between the origination of a flight and the termination of a flight.
InterlineTransportation segment of two or more airines or commercial operators(two flights on different carriers).
Duty TimeThe time beginning at the report for duty time and terminating at the release from duty time.
Direct FlightMost direct flight making intermediate stops.
OperationsThe company office at an airport concerned with the loading and working of a flight.

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