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The primary duty provided by a radar unit is:To provide radar separation
The longitudinal separation minima based on distance using DME, and each aircraft "on track" uses DME stations, is:20 NM.
Which does ATC Term "Radar contact" signify?Your aircraft has been identified on the radar display and radar flight instructions will be provided until radar identification is terminated.
Radar services - Radar Separation - Minima Unless otherwise prescribed by the appropriate ATS authority, the horizontal radar separation minimum shall be:5.0 NM.
Separation methods and minima - ESSENTIAL TRAFFIC INFORMATION. Essential traffic is:Controlled Traffic not separated from another controlled traffic with the prescribed separation minima
One minute separation may be used between departing aircraft if they are to fly on tracks diverging by at least:45° immediately after take-off
Longitudinal separation minima based on time for aircraft at the same cruising level when navigation aids permit frequent determination of position and speed will be10 minutes
ATIS broadcast messages containing departure and arrival information should include cloud cover, when the clouds are:below 1 500 m (5.000 ft) or below the highest minimum sector altitude, whichever is the greater
What is the minimum vertical separation between aircraft flying IFR below flight level 290?1000 feet
Minimum Radar Separation on final approach The minimum radar separation provided between aircraft established on the same localizer course shall be: (plus additional longitudinal separation as required for wake turbulence) 2.5 NM.
The radar separation minimum may be reduced but not below: 3.0 NM
When an aircraft will pass through the level of another aircraft on the same track, the following minimum longitudinal separation shall be provided:15 minutes at the time the level is crossed.