Airforce Song (Full)

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Question Answer
Off we _________ into the ____ ____ ______go, wild blue yonder
Climbing ____ into the ___high, sun
Here they come _______ to meet our _______zooming, thunder
At 'em ____, Give 'er the ___!boys, gun
Down we ____, spouting our _____ from _____dive, flame, under
___ with one helluva ____off, roar
We ____ in ____ or go ____ in _____. Hey!live, fame, down, flame
Nothing can ____ the _________ ___ _____!Stop, US. Air Force
_____ of men __________ a crate of _______minds, fashioned, thunder
Sent it ____ into the ____high, blue
Hands of ___ blasted the world ________men, a-sunder
How they _____ god only ____!lived, knew
Souls of ___ ________ of skies to _______men, dreaming, conquer
Gave us _____, ever to ____!wings, soar
With ______ before And _______ galore.scouts, bombers
Nothing can stop the us airforcefreebee
Here's a _____ to the ____toast, host
Of those who love the ________ of the sky,vastness, sky
To a ______ we send a ________ of his brother men who ___.friend, message, fly
We _____ to _____ who gave their ___ _________ ___drink, those, all of old
Then ____ we ____ to score the rainbow's ___ _________ ___.down, soar, pot of gold
A _____ to the ____ of men we _____, the U.S. Air Force!toast, host, boast
___ we go into the ____ ___ ______,off, wild sky yonder
Keep the _____ _____ and ____wings, level, true
If you'd ____ to be a ____-______ ______live, grey-haired wonder
Keep the ____ out of the ____!nose, blue
Flying men, ________ the nation's ______,guarding, border
we'll be there ________ by ____!followed, more
In _______ we _____ onechelon, carry
Oh, nothing'll stop the Air Force! Nothing'll stop the U.S. Air Force!freebie, repeat twice