Air sickness and disorientation

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Spatial disorientationspecifically refers to the lack of orientation with regard to the position, attitude, or movement of the airplane in space. The body uses three integrated systems that work together to ascertain orientation and movement in space
Ways to avoid spatial disorientation Understand why allusions occur and remain alert for them. Obtain a preflight weather briefing and use it to avoid poor visibility. Avoid sudden head movements. If intending to fly at night, remain night current and proficient. Remain instrument proficient for IMC. Remain physically fit. Place trust in flight instruments and not just your senses.
Coriolis illusionIn an extended constant rate of turn, the fluid in your ears starts to move at the speed as the ear canal and the turning sensation stops. Moving the head in a different plane can start fluid moving again and create an illusion of turning on a completely different axis. Avoid
Ways to avoid coriolis illusionAvoid by not making sudden head movements