Agriculture 2

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Question Answer
What percentage of the US workforce was estimated, as of 2011, to work in agriculture-related positions?20 percent
Compared to World War II, World War I was ___ (more/less/equally) devastating to the agriculture community.more
a metal plow that could be used to dig deep ridges in an agricultural fieldmouldboard
a long, curved blade used in agriculturesickle
a device used in harvesting that separates the husk from the grainthresher
What comprised the majority of the crops raised by the Anasazi people?corn
Which tools did early communities first use to help them grow enough food to feed their residents and have a surplus at times?polished stone tools, pottery, and canoes
Which of the following hand tools was the fastest at cutting and harvesting grain from fields?sickle
The thresher and irrigation practices were two innovations that were created during the first agricultural revolution from ____ _________ ____.1862 to 1875


Question Answer
_____ make up the majority of the US populationwomen 35+ years of age
current population predictionmore diversity
plant system careerherbicide specialist
Farming efficiencycheap food production
surplus cropsprices go down
Agribusiness systemsregulatory control, inventory management
Natural resource systemsforest managers, park rangers
Federal subsidieshelp U.S. crops remain globally competitive
Fastest growing sector in the U.S.elderly

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