Against Verres

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Cicero's style in the speech?hyperbolic language, relation to wider audience, flattery to senators and Galabrio, involvement of judges reputation, lists, inclusive pronouns, appeal to emotions, nationalism,
Verres governorship, where and when?Sicily 73BC-71BC as propraetor
Which court, who was president, and when?extortion court, Galabrio, 70BC
who was Quintus Mattelus?consul elect for 69BC
who was Marcus Mattelus?president of the court for 69BC
who was Lucius Mattelus?governor of Sicily for 69BC
who was Verres' lawyer?Hortensius, the second consul elect for 69BC
Verres' crimes stole money from Sicilian temples, extorted bribes, enslaved roman people, stole public funds,imposed illegal tax on farmers, inflicted unauthorised punishment, abandoned Dolla Bella- political disloyalty
who was Curio?according to cicero was really happy when Hortensius was announced consul elect as it meant Verres would be acquitted- evidence of corruption
what did Ciceros investigation include?went to Sicily in 70BC, studied all documents and learnt them, checked everything other prosecutes were paid to ignore
what decisions were made concerning the trial?Cicero doesn't name the victims, claims its for their dignity however shows lack of evidence. He cross examined witnesses straight after a short speech to make trial finish before elections
what was Verres charged with?lechary, brutality against citizens, stealing 40mil sestres
what happens to Verres?goes into voluntary exile after trial out of embarrassment
Cicero's flaws in the speech?oratory skill more than evidence, not a lot of evidence to produce, exaggerated/demonized Verres, focus was on winning not necessarily justice
Pompeys mention in the speech?praises pompey for acknowledging how governors were abusing their power, Pompey is consul with Crassus, Cicerco agrees tribunes powers should be restored
how did Cicero win?Portrayal of Verres as national danger, appeal to patriotism, threatening the senators reputation
importance of the trialCiceros career depends on it, chance for senetors to restore their reputation, Sicilian peoples honour, Equites and if they would regain control of the courts after Sulla, Hortensius' reputation as consul, first instance where Romans were held accountable for crimes in provinces

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Cicero's argument 1)informs judges and senators this is their chance to rescue their reputations as corrupt. He highlights how Verres is 100% guilty so his aquittal will make them look bad
Cicero's argument 2)Verres didnt try cover up his crimes just bribed Jury. Supposedly left traps for Cicero while he was collecting evidence in Sicily
Cicero's argument 3)Cicero tells story of Curio announcing Verres would be acquitted because Hortensius was consol elect- exposes Hortensius as corrupt too
Cicero's argument 4)Verres' friend Marcus Mattelus to be president of the court in 69BC therefore Verres had been trying to postpone the trial, also tried blocking Cicero from being elected Aedile for 69BC by bribing senators according to Ciceros friend
Cicero's argument 5)outlines how Verres tried to postpone the games till after Pompeys games in 10 days time as after that there wouldn't be an opportunity for the trial to take place till 69BC
Cicero's argument 6)reveals BULBUS and GAIUS LAENES admitted to being bribed in court previously, asks court if they have been bribed today to make audience doubt them
Cicero's argument 7)appeals to Galabrio talking about forefathers and his ancestry in justice, shouldn't tarnish his family name