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Start of Soviet Invasion1979
Start of Civil War1989
Start of US-led invasion2001
Population of Afghanistan31 million
Population growth rate3%
% of population under 1545%
% of population over 652%
Infant mortality rate( deaths per 1000 live births)117
Drop in fertility rate from 2001 to 20137 to 5
Birth rate ranking per 1000 population10th
Death rate ranking per 1000 population7th
Male literacy rate37%
Female literacy rate7%
% of population who live a nomadic lifestyle20%
Total deaths due to war since 1988 (civil war)3 million deaths
Total refugees due to war since 1988 (civil war)6 million refugees
HDI ranking change from 2001 to 2014175th to 169th
Population density per km242 people per km2

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% of world heroin supplied by Afghanistan90%
Number of aid workers killed in 2010 by Taliban10 aid workers
Estimated number of babies saved due to improvement in healthcare40,000 babies
GDP per capita$650
Estimated number of heroin addicts in Afghanistan200,000
Yearly death toll due to poor air quality in Kabul3000 deaths
Years taken for half of the forest cover in Afghanistan to halve30 years