Affixes and Suffixes

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Question Answer
-a(adjective ending)
-aĉ-(denotes badness of quality, disparaging)
-ad-(denotes continuation or constant repetition of an action)
-aĵ-(denotes something possessing a certain quality or made from a certain substance, meat from a specific animal)
-an-(denotes a member, inhabitant, or partisan)
-ant-(denotes present participle)
-ar-(denotes a collection of persons or objects)
-ata(shows that the action is still in progress, the state is still applicable)


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-ĉj-(used to form diminutives with masculine names)
-e(denotes adverbs)
-ebl-(denotes possibility)
-ec-(denotes an abstract concept)
-eg-(denotes a great size or degree)
-ej-(place used for an action or object)
-ek-(denotes the beginning of an action or that something is momentary)
-em-(denotes a disposition or inclination)
-end-(denotes something to be done or which must be done)
-er-(denotes the unit of the whole)
-estr-(denotes person in charge)
-et-(suffix diminishing meaning of root)


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-fojenumber of times
-ito (infinitive ending)
-iĉ-(indicates the masculine sex)
-id-(denotes young of, offspring)
-ig-(denotes causing or bringing about an state, creates causative verbs, to make, render)
-iĝ-(denotes that a state has come into being, become)
-il-(denotes the instrument by which something is done)
-in-(gives the feminine of a noun)
-ind-(denotes worthiness, merit)
-ing-(denotes a holder for the object contained in the root)
-inta(perfect particle)
-is(past tense)
-ism-(denotes doctrine or school of though)


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-ist-(denotes one who occupies oneself with something)
-ita(shows that the action is finished, completed)
-j(plural ending)
-n(accusative ending)
-nj-(used to form diminutives with feminine names)
-o(noun ending, singular)
-obl-(denotes multiples of a number)
-oj(noun ending, plural)
-on-(denotes a fraction)
-onta(future particle, “about to do” something)
-op-(denotes a numeral collective)
-os(future tense)
-ota(shows that the action has not yet been started)
-oza(indicates full of, rich in)
-u(imperative form)
-uj-(denotes a container, country formed from the name of its people, tree formed from name of its fruit)
-ul-(person characterized by the root)
-um-(denotes some undefined action or object related to the root)
-us(conditional or subjunctive ending)