AE 1 Italian modal verbs and verbs usually followed by prepositions

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
illuso indicates an irregular past particilple, all other verbs have the regular endings, -ato, -uto and -ito,

AE-1 Modal verbs : use of avere or essere depends on the infinitive it is paired with

italian infinitive definition
dovereto owe (transitive only); to must, to have to (intransitive) SHOULD
potere(no transitive only meaning); can, to be able (intransitive) COULD
volereto want, would like, to wish (transitive and intransitive meaning) WOULD LIKE

AE-2a Hint : "movement"

italian infinitive definition
passare vt. to pass: vi. to pass through, to move, pass for(per), to become
discendereto descend; to descend from(da), etc... diceso
scendereto go down; to get down from(da) sceso
salireto go up, to climb; to get on(su)
giungereto arrive, to join: to arrive at(a) giunto
fuggirevt. toavoid, to shrink from; vi. to flee, to escape

AE-2b Hint : "movement"

italian infinitive definition
correre ato run; run for(per), etc., to rush (driving too fast) corso
scappareto run off, to escape
saltareto jump; to jump from(da),etc...
volare ato fly; to fly to(a), etc...
ballareto dance; to dance on(su)
nuotareto swim: to swim at(a)
sciareto ski: to go skiing (andare a)
suonareto play (music), to ring (bell): to play at(al)

AE-2c Hint : "movement"

italian infinitive definition
toccareto touch, to effect: to make an effect on(a), to touch upon (per)
iniziare (a)to start
incominciare (a)to begin
cominciare a to begin, to start; to start from(da), to start from(con), etc
proseguireto continue, to carry on, to pursue; to continue on(per), etc...
diminuireto diminish; to diminsh by(di)
perdere*to lose, *to get lost

AE-3a Hint : "actions"

italian infinitive definition
vivereto go through, to experience; to live for(per), etc.. vissuto
crescereto raise, to bring up; (di) to grow, to increase, etc cresciuto
valereto earn, to win; to be worth, to be valid, to apply to(di) valso
aumentareto increase, to raise; to increase in
cambiareto change, to exchange; change for(per)
pretendereto aspire to, to demand preteso

AE-3b Hint : "actions"

italian infinitive definition
filtrareto filter, to strain: to filter through(per), etc..
piovereto rain; to shower, to rain down(a), etc
interessareto interest, to concern; to be of interest, concern to(a)
finireto finish, to cease; to stopping (di)
terminareto end; to end off, round off(in)
ghiacciare*to freeze; to ice (over); *to freeze oneself

AE-3c Hint : "actions"

italian infinitive definition
poggiareto lean, to rest; to stand on(su)
usareto use; to use something (di)
servireto serve, to work for; to serve at(a), to serve as(di)
mancareto miss; to be lacking(di), etc...
durareto last (in both tr and intr.)

AE-4 Hint : "movement"

italian infinitive definition
atterrareto knock down; to touch down(volo)
decollareto take off (volo)
inciampareto trip over(su)
indietreggiareto back away from(a) ; to draw back from
procederego on to (a) processo (preceduto)
assistere* (a)to assist, *to attend