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Complex Exodontia 2

suture material

Question Answer
Plain Gut suture is/is not absorbable?Is
Chromic Gut suture is/is not absorbable?Is
Vicryl suture is/is not absorbable?Is
PDS suture is/is not absorbable?Is
Nylon suture is/is not absorbable?Is NOT
Propylene suture is/is not absorbable?Is NOT
Polyester suture is/is not absorbable?Is NOT
Silk suture is/is not absorbable?Is NOT

flap sutures

Question Answer
How far away from flap margins should sutures be placed?Place sutures at 2-3mm away from flap margins
which suture design are easy to place and have greater tensile strength?Simple interrupted suture
which suture design has the disadvantages of greater risk of crosshatched marks (ie, train tracks) across the suture line and longer time to place?Simple interrupted suture
How can one minimize the risk of crosshatching associated with the Simple Interrupted suture technique?by removing sutures early to prevent the development of suture tracks
which suture design is especially useful in maximizing wound eversion, reducing dead space, and minimizing tension across the wound?Vertical Mattress suture
which suture designs are useful for long wounds in which wound tension has been minimized with properly placed deep sutures and in which approximation of the wound edges is good running sutures
_____ ______ sutures have an increased risk of impairing the microcirculation surrounding the wound, and they can cause tissue strangulation if placed too tightlyRunning locked
_____ sutures have increased tensile strength; therefore, they are useful in wounds under moderate tension or in those requiring additional hemostasis because of oozing from the wound edgesLocked
Less scarring occurs with _____ sutures than with ______ sutures because fewer knots are made; however, the number of needle insertions remains the sameRunning; Interrupted